Should I get a divorce?


Is it absolutely necessary?

Any time we discuss the possibility of divorce, it is important gather information and consider it carefully.  It is important to ask questions.  Consider alternatives.  Is a divorce going to solve the problems?  Can you and your spouse work through the problems?  Is reconciliation an option?  How will divorce affect your finances and your family?

What matters most?

Divorce and Custody LawyersSometimes divorce is the only way.  When it is, it is important to focus on what is really important to you.  Divorce is confrontational by definition.  You must protect your assets.  You must protect your relationship with your children.  Sometimes you have to be aggressive.

Avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Wilmington Divorce LawyersI believe that you can protect these things without being unnecessarily combative.  Many people waste time, energy and money fighting over issues that are not really that important to your core objectives.  Unnecessary arguments can cause collateral damage to your finances and to your relationships.  It is your lawyer’s responsibility to protect what is important to you without causing needless conflict or incurring unnecessary expense.

Create a plan.

Finding the right divorce attorney can be challenging.  If you have questions about divorce or custody, call Ashley Smith, lead divorce attorney at Speaks Law Firm.  She will listen.  She can give you practical information about the process and develop a comprehensive plan for your particular circumstances.  She can give you opinions about your best course of action.  This information will empower you by helping you make informed decisions.  Informed decisions produce good results.


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