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If You have been Charged with a Crime in Wilmington, NC or in Brunwick County or Pender County in North Carolina . . . 

Speaks Law Firm criminal defense in Wilmington NCIf you have been charged with a crime, the decisions you make in the next few minutes, hours and days may affect you for the rest of your life.  You probably have several thoughts running through your mind.  I am not a criminal!  What about my reputation?  What will happen to me? What should I expect in court?  Do I need a lawyer?  What should I be looking for in a lawyer?  How can I find the best criminal defense lawyer?  What questions should I ask my lawyer?  Am I going to prison? Will I lose my job? How will this affect the rest of my life?  The officer did not read me my rights.  Does that Matter?  What are my rights?  What should I do next?

What Will Happen?

What will happen to you will depend on three things:  (1) the severity of the offense (2) the strength of the evidence and (3) the criminal lawyer you choose.

Categories of North Carolina Criminal Offenses

 Criminal offenses in North Carolina are categorized in three different ways:

  • Arrested in Wilmington NCInfractions: Infractions are the least serious of criminal offenses. Typically resulting in a citation, infractions rarely end in arrest and are not put on your criminal record but may result in fines, court costs, or insurance points.
  • Misdemeanors: North Carolina misdemeanor offenses are more serious than infractions.  They will appear on your criminal record. In North Carolina, misdemeanors are punishable by up to 150 days imprisonment.  DWI is a misdemeanor offense, however, it is punishable in North Carolina by up to two years in prison.  In federal court, misdemeanors are punished by up to one year in prison.
  • Felonies:  Felonies are generally punishable by up to more than one year in prison.  In addition, if you are found guilty of a felony offense in North Carolina, many of your civil rights will be restricted, such as the right to vote or bear arms. A felony offense is the most serious type of charge, and will be shown on your criminal record for life.

If you think you may be arrested...

Constitutional protections for people charged with crimes.If you discover that you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest or think you may be arrested, you should contact us immediately before you speak to a law enforcrment officer.  We can help in a variety of ways.  We can help you to understand your rights including your right to remain silent and to an criminal attorney.  We can help you determine whether to assert these and other rights. If a warrant for your arrest has been issued, law enforcement could show up to your door at any moment.  You need to act quickly. We can help you ascertain whether there is a warrant, understand the basis of your warrant, as well as help you protect your rights and arrange for a cooperative surrender.

What does it mean to be charged?

Person being ArrestedJust because you have been accused of a crime does not mean that you are guilty.  You have rights. You have the right to refuse consent to a search, the right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney. The rights, known as Miranda Rights, are very important during an arrest. An experienced North Carolina criminal defense attorney can explain these rights as they relate to your particular circumstances.  We can help you know when to exercise what rights.  We can exercise certain rights on your behalf.

What if I wait and see?

Failing to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney can cause irreparable harm to your case.  As a result, you can miss opportunities to protect yourself.  As a result, your reputation, your career, and your freedom can be in danger.

Our Experience

Attorney Clarke Speaks defends people charged with criminal offenses in Wilmington, NC.If you have been charged with a criminal offense in North Carolina, we can help. With experience defending those facing everything from North Carolina DWI charges to sex offenses, to Federal drug and firearms cases, to white collar crimes at all stages of the criminal process from pre-arrest through appeal.  Our approach is comprehensive and we focus on each case like it is our only case.

Since 1997, we have used knowledge, experience, relationships, creativity, and effort to help people just like you who were charged in state and federal court with all kinds of offenses.


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What is the first thing to do if you are charged with a crime?

Call a criminal defense lawyer if you are charged with a crime.If you think you may be charged with a crime, it is best to call now.  We work directly with each client through every stage of each case.  We combine trial experience, negotiation skills, professional relationships, meticulous documentary and evidentiary review and extensive familiarity with treatment opportunities, mitigating circumstances and counseling programs to protect your reputation, your career and your freedom.


We can help with:

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The Next Step

The outcome of your case may have a tremendous impact on your life.  I would encourage you to be proactive and continue to gather information.  We have been named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Lawyers for consecutive years, and we have an Avvo Rating of 10 out of a maximum of 10 based upon our reputation, experience and conduct.  We are available now to provide you additional information. Call us at (910) 341-7570.


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