Eminent Domain

The lawyers at Speaks Law Firm can help make sure that you receive fair compensation when the government takes your property through eminent domain and condemdationEminent Domain is a term for public taking, where the government seizes private property for public (and sometimes private) use and development. Typically this is exercised for road and highway construction, utilities and public works such as airports and military expansion.

           ". . . nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

5th Amendment to the United States Constitution

The Founding Fathers were sensitive to the unjust treatment that colonial landowners had been subjected to by King George III. The Fifth Amendment was written in the Bill of Rights to ensure that property rights would not be trampled even where it was necessary for the government to seize property for the public good. Opposing government seizures and disputing government appraisals is an exercise of your Constitutional rights and is not an unpatriotic thing to do. The Government always bears the burden of showing that the seizure is ‘necessary’ for the public good. In some instances the Government has been able to show that blighted areas must be redeveloped simply to increase tax revenues.

The government wants to pay you the absolute lowest amount possible for the property they take through eminent domainThe government can "take" residential or commercial property under certain circumstances.  If your property has been targeted for eminent domain the government will notify you. It is at that moment that you should contact the right attorney.  The government will try to obtain you property for the lowest amount in the shortest time.  We can help you by making sure protect your property or secure fair compensation.

The lawyers at Speaks Law Firm fight to obtain fair compensation for a client after the government takes property through eminent domain and condemnationIt is important to contact an attorney as soon as you know that your property has been targeted for eminent domain. Statements made to government agents and appraisers can be used against you in a future dispute. Immediate action is necessary since the Government can still act without your approval. Failure to respond to the Government’s offer in a timely fashion may amount to a waiver of your rights to dispute that offer.

Government agents may suggest that their offer is final and that you have no alternatives but to accept their appraisal. An experienced attorney will work to show the value of your property. Land is a finite resource, make sure that you have been fairly compensated before you lose it forever.  Call (910) 341-7570 or (877) 593-4233 for more information.

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