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What are the Possible Consequences of Driving Offenses or Traffic Violations?

Driving offenses in Wilmington NCLaw enforcement officers aggressively enforce North Carolina traffic and driving laws.  There are a wide range of possible consequences for conviction of a traffic ticket or driving offense.  Violations can result in increased insurance premiums, increased points on your license, a fine, loss of license, probation and in some cases a sentence of imprisonment.

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Should You Represent Yourself for a Driving Offense or Traffic Violation?

You have the legal right to represent yourself.  I see people representing themselves in court every day.  Sometimes, it goes well.  Sometimes, it goes wrong and the people don’t know that it went wrong because they do not understand the terminology or the consequences.  Sometimes, it goes terribly wrong and everyone knows it went wrong.  In nearly every case, they would have been better off calling an experienced attorney.

Will I be Convicted of the Offense?

Know your rights if you have been charged with a driving offense.Just because you have been accused of a traffic ticket or driving offense does not mean that you are guilty.  You have rights. You have the right to a trial, the right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney. You have other rights that arise from the Constitution, the Rules of Evidence and from substantive and procedural criminal law.  We can use these rights as tools to demonstrate your innocence or negotiate a favorable outcome.

What if I Wait and See what happens in Court?

Failing to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney can cause irreparable harm to your case.  You may end up with a negative result or a missed opportunity.  Your reputation, your finances, your driving privilege, your career, and even your freedom can be in danger.

Do we have Experience with these types of Cases?

We can help. After years of helping people charged with these types of offenses, we have experience at all stages of the criminal process.  We can provide comprehensive legal representation to protect your license, rates, reputation and more.  Since 1997, we have used our knowledge, experience, relationships, creativity, and effort to help people in similar situations.

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What is The Next Step?

The next step after receiving a traffic citationThe outcome of your case may have a tremendous impact on your finances, your driver’s license, your insurance premiums and your life.  It is important to be proactive.  You have taken the first step by gathering information.  The next step is to call for a free phone or in-person consultation with an experienced driving offense and traffic violation attorney.  We have been named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Lawyers for consecutive years, and we have an Avvo Rating of 10 out of a maximum of 10 based upon our reputation, experience and conduct.  Call (910) 341-7570, chat [bottom left] or email us for more information.


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