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Phone: (910) 341-7570
Toll Free: (877) 593-4233
Phone: (910) 341-7570
The North Carolina Auto Injury Book

The North Carolina Auto Injury Book (Yours FREE, a $12.99 Value)

The North Carolina Auto Injury Book is a book for people injured in auto accidents, workplace accidents and other accidents in North Carolina. Knowledge is power and this book contains important and comprehensive information about the law, the process and the people involved in injury claims. We answer important questions like:

1. How much should I ask for?

2. Do I need an Attorney?

3. Should I give a recorded statement?

4. What documents should I sign? and Which ones must I NOT sign?

To download your copy of The North Carolina Auto Injury Book FREE online, please provide your name and email address. (Please include your phone number if you would like for us to follow-up with a phone call to answer any specific questions you may have).

You may also be interested in the Road to Recovery Magazine which contains additional information on these topics.

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