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Educational Resources about Auto Accidents, Criminal Law, Divorce and Civil Litigation in Wilmington and New Hanover County, North Carolina

These resources have been compiled to help you learn more about North Carolina personal injury law, state criminal law, federal criminal law, divorce and custody, and civil litigation.

Auto Injury Attorney

  • Driving While Distracted Can Be Deadly:

    This is a Youtube video that illustrates the dangers of driving while destracted.  At the 52 second mark the you will see the point the video is making.  Drive carefully.

  • North Carolina Child Passenger Safety Resource Center: This website includes information on keeping your vehicle’s occupants safe, including child and adult passengers. There are also sections devoted to other roadway safety laws, including those for ATV usage and bicycle helmets.
  • North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles: This website provides resources for North Carolina drivers, including teens, motorcyclists, and commercial drivers. Downloadable driver handbooks and safety tips are also available.
  • North Carolina Department of Public Safety: The North Carolina DPS website provides safety tips and laws regarding vehicle maintenance, holiday travel, deer, and winter driving. You can also access the NC State Highway Patrol page from here to find more information on traffic enforcement and highway laws.
  • The University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center: The Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina has been providing the drivers of North Carolina with information to keep the roads safe for 40 years. With information on pedestrian and bicycle safety, child passenger safety, seat belt usage and more, this website also has the latest in laws involving vehicle operation in our state

Premises Liability

  • The National Safety Council: The website of the National Safety Council provides helpful information on keeping you and your family safe at home and at work. While not every accident can be avoided, many can be prevented, and the NSC shows you how.

Divorce Attorney

  • Tips for parents going through divorce:

    When parents are going though a divorce, the school year can produce additional and unexpected challenges.  This author does a great job of identifying some of the issues that come up when the school year starts.  The children of parents going through divorce can benefit from considering these simple rules.

DWI, Traffic and Criminal Defense

  • Zimmerman Judge Disqualified:

    The Judge in the Zimmerman case is disqualifed after he made remarks about Zimmerman's character and suggested it would be appropriate for the District Attorney to file additional charges against Zimmerman.  Zimmerman is charged with Second Degree Murder in Florida.