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Toll-Free: (877) 593-4233
Phone: (910) 341-7570
Toll Free: (877) 593-4233
Phone: (910) 341-7570

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How Your Case Is Handled by Speaks Law Firm

http://www.speakslaw.com In this video, Wilmington personal injury attorney, R. Clarke Speaks, covers how cases are handled within his law firm.


As the motto of Speaks Law Firm is “every client is our most important client,” special care and attention is given to your case. If you decide to be represented by Speaks Law Firm, you may be wondering who will be working with if you. Will it be an attorney from the firm or a paralegal? The answer is “both.”


For example, Mr. Speaks is in the courtroom nearly every day of the week. This track record of being in the court is an important aspect of the Speaks Law Firm. It allows Mr. Speaks to remain sharp and puts him in the best position to assist those who need his help.


However, since he is in court every day, there may be times when he cannot answer the phone. As a result, Speaks Law Firm has a team of experts who are available when you call.


Mr. Speaks emphasizes that he takes on the personal responsibility of being involved and connected to every case that Speaks Law Firm represents.


If you have been injured in an accident, contact Wilmington personal injury attorney R. Clarke Speaks at 877.593.4233. http://www.speakslaw.com