3 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Wilmington

Have you been injured at work and want to protect your rights? If so, you’ve likely started searching for a local workers’ comp lawyer and discovered that the market is saturated with countless options. How can you tell which workers’ compensation attorney can adequately fulfill your needs?

At Speaks Law Firm, we believe that you need someone knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate to speak for you when adversity strikes. Below, we will cover our top three tips for selecting an excellent Wilmington, North Carolina, workers’ comp lawyer.

1. Find Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Your Area

First, you must select a workers’ comp attorney familiar with your area. Laws surrounding workers’ comp claims vary from state to state. You should find an attorney with ample experience working specifically in North Carolina law.

Aside from the state, you should focus on Wilmington-specific lawyers, as well. Local attorneys are likely familiar with the individuals you will encounter in court. A Wilmington-based lawyer may also recognize your workplace and develop a better understanding of how the injury occurred.

Finding an attorney near you will make it easier to meet in person, benefiting both parties. Once you find workers’ comp lawyers in Wilmington, you can continue narrowing the list by using our next two points.

2. Seek a Workers’ Compensation Attorney with Ample Experience

All attorneys practice different areas of the law. For example, some lawyers may focus only on workers’ compensation, while others choose divorce cases. You need to find legal support from someone who deals with issues like yours every day.

Besides your attorney, you should also ensure that the law firm they work for also has ample experience in workers’ compensation cases. Because teams within the law firm often work together, the more experienced people working in the firm, the better chances you have.

Consider Their Track Record

Not every experience is a positive experience. You want to make sure that the attorney not only deals with your type of case often but typically does well. You should consider the attorney’s success rates, previous case results, and general client satisfaction.

When reading through testimonials, consider the general feedback, pros, cons, timeline, and professionalism. Sometimes, you can find reviews online or ask the attorney directly for client referrals.

3. Pick Someone with Compassion and Availability

Before you select an attorney to help you file a workers’ comp claim, you want to ensure that they will empathize with your situation, show compassion, and communicate effectively.

If an attorney truly cares for you, they will work even harder to achieve an optimal outcome for your case. You need someone who is on your side no matter what.

You also want to ensure that you have a comfortable and personal connection with your legal advisor. Often, you may need to discuss confidential details, consider opinions, and collaborate to build a successful case. If you feel uncomfortable working side-by-side with a certain lawyer, you should find someone else.

Communication Availability

Some attorneys juggle many cases and clients at once. Busier lawyers may not be able to return your calls or answer your emails for days. If you want someone who can quickly respond and stay on top of your case, you need to make sure that they have enough time in their schedule to do so.

Typically, you can directly ask the attorney what their workload is like and their estimated response times. You should also ask them their preferred method of communication.

Claim Timeline

When you file a workers’ comp claim, you may need to jump through different hoops, like court hearings, before you can receive any compensation. The claim timeline may vary greatly depending on your case’s specific details and the lawyer’s availability and thoroughness.

You should always ask a potential attorney what they believe the timeline will be since you likely want the job done as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that speed is not everything. You need efficiency and accuracy, so don’t simply pick whoever offers the fastest results. Instead, weigh out all three topics from this article.

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