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Child Custody

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Stock photo of a young boy hugging his father in front of the ocean.For most of us as parents, our children are the focal points of our lives. We have changed diapers. We have wiped tears. We have applied Backyardigan bandages to boo-boos. We have attended soccer games, dance recitals, and field trips. Nothing is more important to us than our kids.

After a divorce, we want to maintain that involvement. We want to be present. We want to be able to make decisions about what is best for our kids.

The Impact of Divorce

Child Custody and visitation arrangements are among the most important considerations in divorce. Divorce can be emotionally difficult, and the thought of spending less time with your children makes it even harder.

North Carolina Law on Child Custody and Visitation

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Under North Carolina child custody law, a judge may determine the appropriate custody and visitation arrangement between you and your spouse. The judge may determine whether you will have a joint or sole custody of your children. You and your former spouse may agree to a child custody and visitation arrangement before the judge makes the decision for you.

If the judge makes the decision, he or she will decide based upon what he or she believes is in the best interests of the children. The judge does not know you. He or she does not know your spouse. The judge does not know your children. Yet, he or she will be legally responsible for making a determination about what is best for your children.

That is a very difficult determination for anyone to make. The important thing to remember in these proceedings is that you, as a parent, have rights. This is an important opportunity. You and your children will have to live with this decision.

How We Can Help

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The Wilmington child custody lawyers at Speaks Law Firm will show the judge that it is in the best interest of your children to maintain their relationships with you. We can show the judge that you have a deep and loving relationship with your children and that you are a vital part of their lives. We can show these things in an impactful and memorable way.

In a custody dispute, your former spouse may try to tell the judge that you are a bad parent. Your former spouse may argue that you do not have a healthy relationship with your children. They may bring up every bad thing you have ever done and some things that you have not done.

It will be up to you to show what kind of parent you are. You must demonstrate the bond that exists between you and your child. You can show what you do for your children every day. It is important that you present the emotional connection you share with your child.

Don’t risk your relationship with your children. You can protect yourself and your relationships. You can properly assert your rights and fully present your position. You can do it in a way that does not cause unnecessary harm to other relationships.

We have extensive experience with the principles, the people and the process of child custody and visitation in Wilmington. Experience is essential to making sure you get an arrangement that will allow you to continue to have a close and loving relationship with your children.

Our Reputation in the Community

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At Speaks Law Firm, Ashley Smith is our lead divorce lawyer. Ashley has earned a reputation as one of the toughest and most aggressive divorce lawyers in North Carolina. She is also compassionate, wise, attentive and empathetic. Ashley is rated Superb by AVVO. AVVO is a national attorney rating service that ranks lawyers based upon experience, industry recognition and professional conduct.

For Ashley and her staff, protecting your assets and your access to your children in divorce is the number one priority. We can provide immediate, professional, experienced, aggressive and strategic representation to protect the things that are most important to you. We work hard to find common ground. We fight to achieve your objectives. We avoid unnecessary harm and expense. Call or click now to set up a consultation.

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