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Spinal Injuries

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The Effects of a Spinal Injury

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Spinal injuries can be life changing. They produce questions and anxiety. Medical providers can work to restore function and mobility. They can help with pain. But, there are other obstacles.

The Financial Challenges

Still, financial challenges remain. The Wilmington spinal cord injury lawyers at Speaks Law Firm help people address the financial challenges presented by these types of injuries directly and aggressively. Serious or catastrophic injuries are medically different than other types of injury cases. They are legally different, as well.

Medical Expenses

The financial difficulties that result from spinal injuries require immediate attention. Medical expenses can be overwhelming. All medical care costs money. Quality care costs lots of money. The source of payment can affect the quality of care.

What if I have Insurance? What if I don’t?

How will you pay for the medical services that you need? Should your medical insurance pay? Will the money paid to reimburse your health insurance company be deducted from your settlement? Will they have a lien against your settlement proceeds? Will Medicare, Medicaid, or Tri-Care have a lien?

The Insurance Adjuster

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Should you talk with the insurance adjuster? Should you give a recorded statement?  What is a fair settlement amount? What if you will continue to need medical care? Are there additional sources of recovery? What if the person or entity responsible for your injuries does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance? Your income may be reduced or eliminated when you need it most. Medical equipment, personal care, and home modifications are necessary and expensive. What about mental health treatment? Who will pay for these things?  If you receive a lump sum in settlement, will that render you ineligible for other benefits?

How can I find the right Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer?

These are difficult and complex questions. Your future economic security and quality of life may be influenced greatly by the answers to these them. Do you need a lawyer?  How can I find the best lawyer?

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Spinal injuries result from work accidents, auto collisions, medical negligence and other catastrophic events. We identify the responsible parties, collect the necessary evidence, contact the insurance companies, secure the expert opinions, develop the legal theories, prepare the witnesses, present your claims, negotiate a settlement, satisfy the lien holders, and distribute the proceeds so that you can continue with your life and your recovery.

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