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After a Wilmington car accident, some people find it too hard to look for the best lawyer for their cases. They decide to handle the job of getting compensation for their injuries all by themselves, or else they hire the first North Carolina personal injury law firm they hear about.

Sometimes, it all works out okay. If your injuries are minor and you recover quickly, then the insurance company probably is willing to settle your case for your documented expenses plus a couple hundred dollars. Not every case needs the power of an experienced North Carolina trial attorney behind it.

On the other hand, a traffic accident in New Hanover County that involves serious injury or death certainly will need the attention of an attorney experienced in handling motor vehicle cases from investigation all the way through trial. Statistics show that the average settlement for tort cases handled by an attorney is about 3.5 times what is recovered without a lawyer. Failing to hire a legal representative, or hiring a lawyer who is a not experienced or not compatible with your personality, can lead to all sorts of mistakes that can limit your financial recovery.

Avoid these Common Errors that can limit your Recovery Amount

If your chosen lawyer doesn’t regularly represent North Carolina traffic accident victims, he won’t be able to advise you effectively. And you do need advice, because insurance company lawyers and claim adjusters are ready to pounce on every mistake as a reason to reduce your settlement or embarrass you during courtroom testimony. You and your lawyer should be on the outlook for the following errors:

Looking for a Settlement too soon

It will take time until doctors can assess your injuries completely and figure out what ongoing care you will need. If your attorney is too eager to settle, you may get too little money to cover your future care.

Demanding too much from the Insurance Company

Asking for an amount that completely overstates the value of your case tells the other side that you and your lawyer are novices—and that you don’t understand the true value of your claim.

Trusting what the Insurance Company says

Every dollar the insurance adjuster approves for your settlement reduces the company profits. So, his promise to take care of you can’t be trusted. When he says a specific dollar amount is the “final settlement offer,” you can be sure he’s authorized to approve more. It takes a lot of experience in dealing with adjusters to know how much more you can ask for. Does your lawyer have that experience?

Turn to Speaks Law Firm to Protect Your Interests

Since 1997, our Wilmington personal injury law firm has represented people hurt in North Carolina auto accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. We know all the insurance companies and their tricks. We have an impressive record of successful recoveries on behalf of our clients.

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