Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney For Your Federal Felony Charges

Federal prisons do not have a reputation for being comfortable, cozy places.

If you have been indicted on federal criminal charges and are facing trial in North Carolina, the outcome is vitally important to your future. You absolutely don’t want to have to serve time in a federal penitentiary or correctional institution. If that is unavoidable, then you want your confinement minimized as much as possible.

Your most valuable resources in this regard is your North Carolina federal criminal defense lawyer. You want to choose the right attorney who has good credentials, a great reputation, and thorough knowledge of federal statutes and case law. Above all, you need someone whom you can trust and with whom you feel comfortable.

That’s quite a hefty set of requirements. How can you possibly find one person who meets all your criteria?

Strategic shopping for a federal defense attorney in Wilmington

In fact, you’re being too general in the requirements for the attorney you want. Just like a business owner hiring a new employee, you need to be as specific as possible about the skills and qualifications your candidate should bring to the job. To start with, clearly you want someone experienced in criminal defense law, but you need to put additional constraints on who you will consider:

  • Your attorney must be well versed in federal criminal law and admitted to practice before the District Court where your case will be heard (and maybe the Fourth Circuit Court, as well). He should be able to show consistent successes in getting good outcomes at the federal level.
  • Your attorney should also be familiar with trying cases similar to yours. The federal case law on fraud is every bit as extensive as the law dealing with narcotics crimes; if you’re accused of financial improprieties, a defense lawyer who specializes in drug cases may not be ideal. You need to look at the area of professional competence, just as you would consult a dentist rather than a podiatrist when you have a toothache.
  • You will want an attorney who is honest and straightforward in dealing with you. If an attorney tells you that dealing with your case will be easy, you should be cautious—no federal case is simple or guaranteed. Beware of lawyers who promise more than they can deliver.

Once you have a good concept of the lawyer you need, it’s time to interview candidates. Collect a list of potential defense attorneys from friends’ recommendations, television and online advertisements, referrals from lawyers you already know, and any other sources you have. Take advantage of the opportunity for a free consultation that most lawyers now offer. See how your prospective attorney stacks up in comparison to your ideal attorney.

Consider Speaks Law Firm for your criminal case in North Carolina federal court

We hope that you will call Speaks Law Firm at 877-593-4233 when you are searching for ethical and effective legal representation against federal criminal charges. Our Wilmington defense lawyers regularly represent clients in federal District Court cases, and we have amassed a solid record of obtaining reduced charges, dismissed charges, and not-guilty verdicts for defendants we represent. At Speaks Law Firm, we treat every client as our most important client. Schedule a case conference today to learn how we can help you.


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