No FEE unless we Recover: The Fine Print

The Fine PrintRecently at a family gathering, my brother-in-law leaned over in my direction.  “I saw your commercial,” he said.  “Good! What did you think?” I said.

“When you say, ‘No FEE unless we recover’, What does that really mean?’ 

I looked at him sideways.  “It means, 'You will not be charged any fee for my firm’s services unless we recover money for you.”  He turned his head a little and looked at me through the corners of his eyes.  He was suspicious.

Turkey Leg

I was offended.  Does he think I would lie?  I tried to imagine my wife’s reaction if I hit him with my turkey leg.

Then, I thought about it.  We have all learned the hard way about “the fine print."  He just wanted to read it.

“I have been doing these cases for a long time,” I said.  “Since 1997, I have seen thousands of collision reports.  I have interviewed hundreds of officers about traffic investigations.  I have worked for the insurance companies, and I have worked for injured people.  I have done these things every day for many years.”

“I can look at a collision report and see things.  I can see things that most people cannot see,” I said.  “Some of those things are good for your case and some are bad.  Based upon what I see, I can determine in 60 seconds if your claim has value.  I will not know exactly what the value is until I see the medical bills and reports, but I can determine whether it is a claim worth pursuing.”

“A claim is worth pursuing if a person was injured by someone else.  Not every claim is going to be worth $1 Million.  Some claims are big. Some claims are small.  We help people with injury claims whether they are big or small.”

“We have made a commitment to help injured people.  That is what we are going to do.  If you do the right things for the right reasons over time, you will be successful.  That is our philosophy.  So, if we are unable to recover money for your claim, you do not have to pay us any money for our services.  If we do recover money, we deduct a percentage of it and give you the rest. That places the incentive on us to recover as much as is possible under the law.  And, keep in mind injured people recover 3.5 times more money when they are represented by a lawyer (-2004 Insurance Research Council Study). So, even after we deduct our fees you should recover much more with us than without us."

He nodded his head.  “That makes sense,” he said.  “What do you think the Cowboys are going to do in the second half?”

Call before you sign or hire.I was glad he asked the question.  He is a smart guy so I figure other people probably had the same question. Lots of people are suspicious when they see that "No Fee Unless We Win!" language on a commercial or a web site. 

I was also glad I had not thrown my turkey leg.  My wife smiled from across the room.  I smiled back.  “That was a close one,” I thought.

If you have been in an accident, call us (910) 341-7570 and ask a few questions before you hire a lawyer or sign a form.

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