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A massive warehouse fire on Monday, May 28, still has investigators puzzled in the town of New Bern.

The blaze was reported around 7:00 p.m. Monday, according to New Bern Fire Marshall Danny Hill. The incident occurred in the 900 block of Craven Street in downtown New Bern. Fire crews worked through the night extinguishing flames and hot spots. The blaze was so large that fire crews had to tap an extra water line in downtown New Bern, which may have affected water pressure in the neighborhood for the next several days.

One firefighter was overcome by heat and needed medical attention, but he is now reported to have recovered. There were no other injuries reported, and the warehouse was not occupied at the time.

Fire crews were especially concerned about the spread of flames to other nearby businesses. Reporters quoted Brent Meadows, who works adjacent to the warehouse, as saying, “I’m definitely anxious, you know, to see what damage there is. They did say early on that there was some fire on our side, but we don’t know how much damage at this point.”

According to city records, the warehouse served as a paint shop for the Atlantic and North Carolina railroads around the turn of the 20th century. The property is now owned by the state, but it has been leased to Precision Molding for use as a warehouse.

Local police and the State Bureau of Investigation are cooperating on attempts to uncover the source of the blaze. Their efforts have been hampered by the damage to the building’s interior. Other complicating factors are debris and a partial roof collapse from a 1909 fire in the same building. City officials are doing their best not to compromise the value of the warehouse as a historic site while getting the answers they need.

The staff and North Carolina premises liability attorneys of Speaks Law Firm are pleased to hear that this giant fire led to no human injuries, and we salute the successful efforts of the emergency responders in containing the blaze.