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What should you do after an accident?

After an auto accident, work place injury or industrial accident, your goal is to get back to where you were before the accident.  That includes fair compensation.  An insurance adjuster may try to talk with you.  There are critical things you… Read More

I was hurt in a car accident in Wilmington, North Carolina. My medical bills are outrageously high. The driver who caused the accident has the minimum insurance limits ($30,000.00) that are required by law. The adjuster has offered to pay the policy limits ($30,000.00). Should I get an attorney? What should I do?

State law requires each vehicle owner to carry at least $30,000.00 of liability insurance coverage.  You can purchase more.  Many people carry at least $100,000 in liability coverage per person and $300,000 per occurrence.  The liability insurance policy for the… Read More

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

    Who will pay for my injuries when another person was careless or negligent? An experienced personal injury lawyer in Wilmington, North Carolina, can help. We all have an obligation to each other to act responsibly. We must conduct ourselves… Read More

How can I find the best lawyer for my case?

Finding the Right Lawyer Once you have determined that you should speak with an attorney about a legal issue, another question immediately arises.  Who?  How can you find the best lawyer for my case? Recently, I friend of mine asked… Read More

I was injured in a Wilmington truck accident almost a year ago. It’s pretty clear that the trucker—who had been working too many hours without enough sleep—was responsible for the crash. Will my case go to trial? How long does this usually take before the case is concluded?

You have two questions there. Let’s address them in the order you give them. “Will my case go to trial?” Probably not, although we can’t say with absolute certainty. A North Carolina personal injury lawsuit, such as your truck accident case,… Read More