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I enjoy riding a motorcycle, in part because of the sense of freedom it gives me. I’m very offended by North Carolina’s motorcycle helmet law. Why should the state have the power to compel me to wear a helmet? I should be allowed to take a calculated risk if I want to, and it’s none of the government’s business.

No doubt you have noticed that every state has its own rules about motorcycle helmets. For instance, in South Carolina, the law only requires that riders under age 21 must wear helmets. In contrast, since 2008 North Carolina has required… Read More

My husband and I were in an automobile accident in North Carolina. He had severe injuries, and eleven months later he died from complications of those injuries. Can I bring a lawsuit against the truck driver who collided with us, even though so much time has passed?

Yes. Specifically, you will want to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver who caused your truck accident in North Carolina. When someone is injured as a result of another person’s negligence, he has the right to file a… Read More

I sustained serious injuries during a motorcycle crash in Wilmington, NC. A bakery truck turned left in front of me, and I was thrown from my bike in the collision. Because of my broken femur, I couldn’t return to work for over a month. Is the truck driver responsible for my lost wages?

At Speaks Law Firm, we’re happy to hear you are recovering from your injuries. Frankly, you were luckier than many other crash victims. North Carolina motorcycle accidents where a rider is thrown from his vehicle have an extremely high fatality… Read More

Where did personal injury law come from?

Personal injury law comes from the law relating to torts in civil law. Tort law governs the rights and responsibilities of the unintentionally injured. Intentional or purposeful injuries are usually addressed by criminal law. Thousands of cases have shaped personal… Read More

What is personal injury law?

Personal injury law is the body of law that relates to compensation for injuries that are caused by others. No one ever wants to be injured. We go through our lives trying to avoid injuries. We tell our children “Be… Read More