Can you "Do It Yourself"?

Representing yourself after a North Carolina auto accident.You are smart.  You are organized.  You can keep up with your medical bills.  You can communicate with the insurance adjuster.  You communicate with people about important things all the time.  Also, you are not a person who likes to sue people.  You are not trying to get rich.  You just want to be treated fairly.  In addition, the other driver caused the accident.  It is clear as day that he is responsible for the wreck.  He received a ticket.  The insurance adjuster said they would pay the claim.

Why on earth do you need a lawyer?

You don’t need a lawyer to make them pay the claim.  You may need a lawyer to make them pay a fair amount for the claim.

I’ll give you an example.  Let’s say you apply for a job.  “You are hired!” the manager says.  “Great!” you say.  You start work.  After two weeks of work the manager hands you an envelope.  You open the envelope when you get to your car.  The check is made out to you for $1.32.

You got the job.  He paid you.   The question is, “How much?”

What are the rules?

The insurance adjuster knows the laws regarding accident claims in North Carolina.  Do you?There are laws to protect you from being treated unfairly by an employer.  Employers must pay you a minimum wage and comply with other laws and regulations.  There are laws to protect injured people, too.  Do you know them?  The insurance adjuster does.  But, does he have to tell you what they are?  No, he does not.  In fact, he is legally forbidden from giving you legal advice.

Is the insurance company trying determine the fair value of your claim?  

The insurance company has no incentive to treat you fairly.  Insurance companies do two things.  They bring in money in the form of premiums.  They spend money in the form of claims. 

Like all corporations, they have an obligation to their stockholders to maximize profits.  Insurance companies maximize profits by bringing in as much as possible in premiums and paying out as little as possible in claims.

The role of an insurance adjuster after an auto accident in Wilmington, North Carolina.The insurance company’s incentive is to pay you as little as possible for your claim.  The adjuster works for the insurance company.  He or she does a better job for them by paying you less.  His performance will be evaluated by his employer according to how little he pays you.

Why would they treat us differently?

We speak their language.  We know the laws.  We know the rules.  We know the process.  We know what compensation you are entitled to receive.  We know the reasonable settlement value of your claim. 

Speaks Law Firm helps recover fair compensation after a lawsuit.In addition, we know what you are legally obligated to pay from your settlement proceeds.  We know what the insurance company can lawfully withhold from you.  We can minimize the claim expenses or pay-out to others who have legally enforceable liens against your settlement proceeds including medical providers, Medicaid, Medicare, Tri-care, and health insurance carriers.  By maximizing your claim revenue and minimizing your claim expenses, we can help you reach your objective for this claim: fair compensation for your injuries.

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