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The Increased Role of Fathers in the Modern Family

Too many times today we see judges rule against men in divorce and custody cases, our firm has devoted a significant quantity of its family law practice to representing men and fathers, in particular. In today’s families, fathers have taken a much more active role in raising children, yet their contributions are often ignored because of outdated ideas and preconceptions of parental roles.

Everyone knows how important Mothers are in the lives of their children, but what about Fathers? Fathers’ rights are sometimes underrepresented in divorce proceedings, and Speaks Law Firm has enjoyed success representing men and protecting their children and their assets. Using an innovative approach to tell the story of our clients, we are able to paint a much more compelling picture of the emotional bonds that exist between you and your children.  “We want to use technology, creativity and any means necessary to tell our clients story in order to make sure that our clients continue to enjoy quality time with their children”.  Our firm uses a more three-dimensional approach to effectively portray our clients as the loving and hardworking fathers that they truly are.