You should have a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer and then decide. Injury cases involve three issues:  (1) Liability (2) Damages and (3) Money.  Under the above-described circumstances, the insurance company may accept liability. An insurance company admitting liability is like an employer saying you are hired. It is better than the alternative but it does not completely answer the question.

The next question is how much? They have greater information and experience. This is what they do. They have an advantage and they will use it to the benefit of their employer, the insurance company. If they agree to pay the claim but only pay pennies on the dollar, then you are in trouble. You need your own claims representative. Also, you will need to consider future medical bills, permanent injuries, loss of income, your own auto insurance policy, your health insurance plan, Medicare, Medicaid or Tri-Star, liens on the insurance proceeds. We can maximize your recovery.  We can navigate dangerous insurance issues for you.  We can put the most money possible into your pocket.

Sometimes the mistakes people make early in auto accident cases while trying to “do it themselves” cannot be undone and cause irreparable damage. In the years I have been representing injured people, I have not met one person who would have been better off if they had not called. I have met hundreds who wish they had called.

It’s a job for a Wilmington car accident lawyer from Speaks Law Firm.

If you have been involved in a rear-end crash—in either vehicle—you owe it to yourself to understand who really is responsible for any injuries. You may be entitled to compensation if your injuries were due to someone else’s negligence. Call Speaks Law today at (877) 593-4233 to schedule a free consultation with a member of our legal team. Just for asking, we’ll send you a FREE copy of The North Carolina Auto Injury Book, with no obligation.