I was injured because another driver was texting.  How much money will I get for my auto accident if I get the best lawyer possible?


Immediately after an accident, no lawyer can tell you how much money you will receive.  Generally, more serious injuries result in larger settlements.  However, that is an oversimplification and other issues can affect the outcome of your claim.


Other issues may include contributory negligence, insurance coverage, liens, subrogation and expenses.  Medical expenses, future medical expenses, permanent injury, scarring, loss of use, loss of income must be considered.  We can help you address each of these issues in a way that is most beneficial to you.


The way that we do that is by looking at your case like it is its own independent corporation.  All corporations need to do two things:  Maximize revenue and minimize expenses.


Also, we also position your case for successful settlement from the first day.  Successful cases are those that are properly diagnosed, treated, and documented from the beginning.  If any of these is missing, the case will never resolve for full value.  We monitor every step of your medical care.


Sometimes people try to “do it themselves”.  I understand the idea.  I want to save money just like any one else.  The problem is that mistakes made early in injury cases can never be completely fixed.  They will always reduce or eliminate the claim’s value.


In the years I have been doing this, I have never met one person who would have been better off if they had not called.


The best thing to do is to get information before you hire a lawyer, sign a form or settle you case.  Call (877) 593-4233 now for a free copy of The North Carolina Auto Injury Book or for a free explanation of your legal rights and responsibilities.