What simple divorce generally means is that the only claim being filed is for the divorce itself. If there are no other issues that need to be determined, such as property division or child custody, then all you will need is a simple divorce.

If you need a simple divorce, you can do it yourself.  Many people file their own simple divorce to save on costs.  Sometimes when people go into court to represent themselves, everything turns out alright.  Sometimes it does not.

For example, the legal requirements for divorce are very specific, and if the Complaint is not completed, filed and served correctly, it could be rejected by the court.  As a result, you could have to to perform the entire process all over again. This could add considerable time and expense.

No matter what the circumstances, it is best to call or come in for a consultation.  We can answer your questions.  We can help evaluate your situation and recommend the best plan of action based on your particular wants and needs.

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