If you have been injured, you want a fair settlement, quickly. The last thing you want is to go to court. Most cases never go to court. If you don’t want to go to court, why should you want an injury lawyer who does go to court?

My kids take karate. The take it for several reasons. They take it for exercise, flexibility, and self-confidence. Also, they take it for self-defense. It is not that I want them to fight. In fact, they take it because I don’t want them to have to fight. The idea is that if they know how to defend themselves, they will never have to defend themselves. This is called the principle of deterrence. Bullies will leave my kids alone.

The same is true for lawyers. You want your injury lawyer to know how to fight so that you don’t have to fight. Trials are expensive, time-consuming, and risky. No injury lawyer wants to go to trial. But, sometimes you have to go to court because it is the only way to achieve fair compensation.

Also, think about it from the insurance company’s point of view. Imagine the following exchange between two insurance adjusters at the same insurance company:

Joe:   “Hey, Mike. We just got in a new claim.”
Mike:   “Who is the lawyer involved?”
Joe:    It is Smith from XYZ Law Firm.”
Mike:   “Smith? He never goes to court. He couldn’t find the courthouse with a map. What is he going to do if we don’t pay? Offer half of what we offered last time.”

For these reasons, you want a lawyer who can and does go to court. Otherwise, why would an insurance company ever agree to a fair settlement? After all, if they do not give you a fair settlement, what is your lawyer going to do about it? You can find out how to find the right injury lawyer in 10 easy steps and more right here on this site.