If you were hurt at work, then you may have a workers’ compensation claim. You may have a claim even if your mistake caused your injury. Your claim may be valuable. If you are like most people, you just want to get better and get back to work.

However, there are rules in workers’ compensation cases.  Some are inflexible and unforgiving.  Failure to follow these rules can destroy your claim. It can cost you a lot of money. Your employer (or really his workers’ compensation insurance company) knows these rules.

Should they pay for medical treatment? Should they pay your lost income? How much should they pay? Do you have to go to their doctor? What if the doctor says you are ready to return to work but you know you are not? What if your injuries have permanent consequences?

Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company knows the answers to these questions. Shouldn’t you? Call or chat with us right now. We will answer your questions for free. It is completely confidential, and there is no obligation. I recommend that you get answers, and then decide how to proceed.