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I was injured in a car accident. Do I need a lawyer?

You are smart, tough and organized. You have dealt with insurance companies before. You deal with professionals all of the time. It was clearly the other guys fault. They have accepted liability. What is the big deal? Why do you need a lawyer for your auto injury claim?

Like everything else, accident claims have gotten more complicated over the years. The insurance adjuster knows information that you could not know. His job is to pay you less or not at all. He will tell you rules that help his company and ignore rules that help you.

And, what about the rules? Do you know them? How could you be expected to know them? They are numerous and complex.

Maybe you need a lawyer. Maybe you don't. But, you do need information - accurate information. We can provide it. We can answer your questions and give you reliable information. With reliable information you can make good decisions. Good decisions produce good results.

The call is free and confidential. There is no obligation. There are lots of ways we can add value after an auto injury.

1. We Will Answer Your Questions.

Should I speak with the insurance adjuster? Should I give a recorded statement? Should I use my health insurance? Medicare? Medicaid? Is there a time limit on my claim? What happens if there is not enough insurance? The insurance adjuster knows the process. Shouldn’t you gather reliable information before you speak with her? Call to speak with an experienced car accident attorney now. The call is free. There is no obligation.

2. We Will Maximize Your Claim.

You didn’t cause the accident. It was the other person’s fault. The Collision Report says so. After an accident, you have unexpected bills. You may miss work. You don’t want to pay for something you don’t need.

So, why should you hire an attorney?

Here is why:

“Injured people recover 3 ½ times more when they were represented by a lawyer.” (-2004 Insurance Research Council study)

Money doesn't solve every problem, but it sure does help.

3. We Will Help You Find the Right Medical Providers.

Your Health is your top priority. It is ours, too. Should you go to the hospital? Your family doctor? A specialist? A Chiropractor? What if you don’t have insurance? We will answer these questions for you. We will help you find medical professionals who will see you now and bill you at the conclusion of your case.

4. We Take Care of Everything.

After an injury, we want you to get better. We will take care of everything else. We provide:

  • Free Home and Hospital Visits;
  • Free Collision Report Review and Analysis;
  • Free Insurance Coverage Review;
  • Free Property Damage Assistance;
  • Free Medical Referrals; and
  • Free Car Rental Assistance.

In addition,

  • We Open Insurance Claims.
  • We Collect Evidence and Witness Statements.
  • We Perform Necessary Legal Research.
  • We Communicate with the Insurance Adjuster.
  • We Negotiate with the Insurance Company.
  • We Pay your Medical Expenses out of the Insurance Proceeds.
  • You Focus on Recovering from Your Injury.

5. We Provide Peace of Mind.

In addition to physical injuries, accidents can be mentally stressful. We take care of your claim so that you can focus on healing.

The law relating to accident claims is complex. I have been working in this area of the law for over 20 years, and I still have to do legal research every day. One mistake can end your claim. We can answer questions and maximize your claim while you get better. You owe us nothing unless we win.

6. We Protect Your Rights.

Within days of an accident, the insurance adjuster will contact you. Do NOT speak to him or her without first speaking to me. The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, not for you. His job is to save them money and pay you less. He will ask seemingly innocent question looking for ways to deny all or part of your claim.

We will take over all communication with the insurance company. We will make sure that your words and actions are not taken out of context to undervalue your claim. We will prepare the evidence, witness statements and the legal arguments in your case and present it in the most effective way possible in order to maximize the value of your claim.

7. We Get Results.

$500,000 $230,000 $500,000
Truck Accident Arm & Shoulder Hip Injury Injuries
Back Injury Premises Liability Knee Injury
$200,000 $170,000 $100,000
Burn Injuries Head Injury Back Injury
$127,000 $100,000 $150,000
Shoulder & Leg Injury Back Injury
Knee Injury

Results in injury cases are specific to the facts and circumstances in each case. These results should not be used to form an expectation that you will get these same results. If you would like for us to provide you with an analysis and opinion of what you could expect to recover for your claim, please call us now. We will ask you for information about your particular circumstances.

8. We Have an Excellent Reputation.

We are an award-winning team of legal professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality legal service. We have achieved recognition by national attorney ranking organizations. Clarke has been selected for Super Lawyers for three consecutive years for his work in the area of personal injury law. Clarke is rated 10.0 out of a maximum of 10.0 by attorney ranking service AVVO. In addition, Clarke is rated “Superb”, the highest possible rating for an Attorney. Clarke has earned “Top Car Accident Attorney” status by AVVO. Clarke has been selected to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers. Clarke has been awarded the National Association of Distinguished Counsel’s Top Attorneys designation.

9. We Have Extensive Experience.

We have represented thousands of individuals and businesses all over North Carolina and the surrounding states in state and federal court at the trial and appellate level. In addition, Clarke has argued before the North Carolina Supreme Court and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on several ground-breaking issues. He has been featured and interviewed in North Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly and various news programs. He is the author of the North Carolina Auto Injury Book. Clarke has written and produced Road to Recovery, a magazine for people injured in auto and workplace accidents. Clarke has represented people against the state and federal government, Fortune 500 companies, large universities and every major insurance company operating in North Carolina.

10. We Are Available Now.

The auto accident lawyers at Speaks Law Firm are available to answer your questions right now. Call (910) 341-7570 now to get your claim set up correctly from the very beginning. If you are still not sure, you can chat with one of our live on-line operators (bottom left) right now or fill out the “How can we help you?” form (top right). Contact us for a Free Case Review! No obligation.

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Speaks Law Firm is recognized by National Attorney ranking services for excellence in the fields of auto injury and workers’ compensation in North Carolina.
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Hours of operation

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Speaks Law Firm is recognized by National Attorney ranking services for excellence in the fields of auto injury and workers’ compensation in North Carolina.
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