The following is taken from an actual recorded statement:

This is Jennifer interviewing Matthew Johnson concerning an accident to occurred on June 26th of 2012.  The time is approximately 2:14 p.m. Today’s date is July 30th of 2012.  Mr. Johnson, do you understand that I am recording this interview?



Do I have your permission to do so?


Yes, ma’am.


And Mr. Speaks, you are Mr. Johnson’s attorney?


Yes ma’am.


And do I have your permission to record this interview?


You do.


[Administrative Information is exchanged]


What is the year make and model of the car you were driving?


[Answers are removed for privacy reasons.]


What color?


Are you the owner?


Do you have a valid driver’s license?


Do you have restrictions?


Did you have passengers?


Had you consumed alcohol or drugs prior to the accident?


What time did the accident occur?


Was it light or dark?


Were headlights required at that time?


Did you have yours on?


Were you wearing a seat belt?


On what road were you traveling?


How many lanes are on that road?


In what lane were you traveling?


The other vehicle that was involved in the accident, on what road was it traveling?


In what lane?


Was there a stop sign or traffic signal?


What was the color of the traffic signal as you approached?


Did the traffic signal ever change color before you passed through the intersection?


How did the accident happen?


When did you first see the other vehicle?


Where was the other vehicle when you first saw it?


Was there anything you could have done to avoid the accident?


Are you aware of any witnesses?


Were you injured in the accident?


What was injured?


How was it injured?


Have you sought treatment for your injuries?


Are there any other details that you wish to provide?


After we provided this recorded statement, the insurance company accepted liability and paid the claim.  They did so for one reason.  My client was prepared.  I had spent an hour and a half the day before preparing him to answer these questions.  He would have answered truthfully even without me.  But because we prepared together, he was able to avoid the dozens of traps in these seemingly innocent questions.  Those traps almost always damage or eliminate most claims of those who are not adequately prepared.  Never give a recorded statement without an experienced injury attorney by your side.


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