Confronting him may seem like a satisfying way to vent your anger, but it’s not usually a helpful approach. You admit now that you have “suspicions,” but perhaps no real proof. What will you do if he denies your accusations? What happens if he comes up with a plausible explanation for any evidence you have gathered?

What you really need to do right now is decide what actions you want to take if your suspicions turn out to be true. Would you want marriage counseling, ideally leading to reconciliation? Do you want a separation—and, if so, what kind of separation? Or do you know that you want a divorce?

Unfortunately, you’re too emotionally invested in the outcome to make such a decision dispassionately. Your best option might be to schedule an appointment with a North Carolina adultery attorney who can guide you through your options based on your specific personal circumstances.

Some of our clients choose to hire a private investigator to confirm or deny their suspicions. You may wish to do that, too, if it’s affordable for you. Your attorney may be able to recommend a skilled and reliable investigator if you need one.

As you may be aware, adultery is grounds for a divorce from bed and board—the North Carolina term for a legal separation. In turn, a divorce from bed and board can be a precursor for a full divorce—called absolute divorce in our state—a year later. Marital misbehavior such as adultery may also be a critical factor for a judge who is dividing the property of the marriage equitably, and adultery could also influence the court’s child custody decisions.

A spouse’s adultery, then, may have profound implications for your marital and financial future. The degree of the influence will depend on your specific situation.

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