Your lawyer’s skill can have a direct impact on the amount of your settlement. Skills necessary for effective representation in injury cases include listening, organizing, negotiating, arguing, and communicating. There is no better place to develop those particular skills than in the courtroom. Constant courtroom experience is crucial. In the courtroom we listen to evidence, organize facts, negotiate with other lawyers, argue for our clients, and communicate with judges. We identify, examine, and solve problems. These skills improve with practice and deteriorate without it.
The personal injury lawyers at the Speaks Law Firm are in court daily. Just as in your business, the only way to maintain your skills is to use them every day. We are all either getting better at what we do, or getting worse. We consciously choose to get better every day.

Also, your lawyer must have the legal knowledge to present your case. Most injury cases have some connection to criminal court. The other driver may have been charged with Driving While Impaired, Following Too Closely, or Unsafe Movement. Those charges are resolved in criminal court. If the other driver has admitted responsibility in criminal court, your lawyer will want to have that information when he is communicating with the insurance company. A working knowledge of the people and process involved in criminal court can be important in achieving a fair settlement.

In addition, even though auto accidents may start in criminal court, your claim is civil in nature. Your lawyer must also have comprehensive knowledge of civil procedure and the local rules of court. He must be familiar with the judges and their preferences. He must consider the demographic composition of the area in order to select the best venue for your case. Moreover, experience is critical in determining the value of your case. For example, imagine you are a contestant on The Price Is Right. Drew Carey (or Bob Barker if you are my age) asks for your bid on an automatic dishwasher. If you are closest, you win the dishwasher and get to compete for more prizes. Would it be helpful if you had bought a similar dishwasher last week? Would it be helpful if you had bought slightly different dishwashers every day for the last fifteen years? If you had, you would have a pretty good idea of how much this particular dishwasher is worth.

Most injury lawyers don’t go to court. We do. And because we do go to court, the chances are that you will not have to go to court when you are with us. We believe that this daily courtroom experience gives our lawyers a decided advantage in every case.