I was convicted of a federal crime in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was told I would be receiving a Pre-Sentence Report. What is contained in a Pre-Sentence Report?

Pre-Sentence Report

The Pre-Sentence Report is prepared by the probation office.  It is the document that the judge will use to determine your sentence.  It will contain information about your offense, your criminal history, a guideline analysis and an advisory guideline range of imprisonment.  It will contain basic background information.  It will also contain information about your family, medical, educational, employment and financial history.

The guideline range of imprisonment is the most important part of the Pre-Sentence Report.  This range is important because the judge will sentence you to a term of imprisonment within this range unless he or she has a reason for deviating from the range.  If the judge does deviate from the range, then he or she must explain the reasons for the deviation.

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