What Causes Divorce?

There are lots of different causes for divorce.  Every case is different.  However, in my experience three factors contribute more than most.

First, constant disagreement over financial issues causes many marital problems.  Income, expenses, savings, investments and college funds can be sources of dispute.  I find this to be especially true when times are tough.

The second common cause is when people just grow apart.  Their interests, motivations and expectations change over time.  Sometimes people evolve into people who are different than they were when they got married.  They become interested in different things.  We see this sometimes when one spouse becomes more or less interested in health and fitness or church and faith.

The third leading cause for divorce in is initial incompatibility.  In other words, sometimes the marriage never made sense from the beginning.  Maybe your spouse just is not who you thought they were.  Maybe they engage in immoral, illegal or unpleasant behavior and you realize that you do not want that type of behavior in your life.

Whatever the cause, if you are facing divorce there are things you must do immediately to protect your family and your access to your children.  Call now to find out what you need to do to prepare (910) 341-7570.