I am charged with a federal crime in North Carolina? My lawyer has mentioned Acceptance of Responsibity. What is Acceptance of Responsibility?

Acceptance of Responsibility

            In federal criminal cases, defendants who plead guilty at an early stage in the criminal process may be eligible reductions in their sentences.  The idea is that if you forgo some of your legal rights and save the government from expending resources on a trial or hearing, then you should receive a benefit in exchange.  Acceptance of Responsibility provides that benefit.  Acceptance of Responsibility generally results in a reduction your offense level, guideline range and sentence of imprisonment.  The degree of reduction can be substantial and is an important component of your plea analysis.  Conduct that is inconsistent with Acceptance such a failing a drug test, receiving new criminal charges, or attempting to obstruct justice will eliminate the benefits of Acceptance of Responsibility and subject a defendant to additional penalties and longer periods of incarceration.

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