What should I be looking for in a personal injury lawyer?

Look for Experience, Knowledge, Reputation, and Results

I started helping injured people in the fall of 1997.  I had just graduated from law school and set up my office.  I knew I wanted to work with injured people so I went around to other established injury lawyers’ offices.  I gave them my card and asked them to send me the difficult cases that they did not want.  They did.

For the next decade I took every difficult case that walked in the door.  The only cases I would not take was where a person was lying about an accident or faking an injury.  For much of that time, I did everything myself. I gathered evidence, investigated injuries, retrieved medical reports, found medical experts, collected documents, and cross-examined doctors.

I also tried cases in front of juries.  I tried cases in big cities and small towns in the eastern, central and western parts of North Carolina. I won and I lost.  I learned a lot from the wins.  I learned more from the losses.

I really enjoyed that time. I gained knowledge and experience that comes from years of daily practive.  Those lessons cannot be learned from books.  I developed a reputation as an honest, hard-working lawyer who would not stop until I achieved justice for my clients.

I am very proud the work we did then and the work we do now.  Although we have grown and we handle very serious injury cases, we have not changed.  I am older, and hopefully a little wiser.  I have never changed in my commitment.  Our firm continues to use the knowledge, experience and reputation that I gained during those years to help every person we represent today.  Our results and client satisfaction demonstrate that continued commitment.

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