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You should contact an experienced and professional DWI lawyer in Wilmington, NC. Look for one who knows the prosecutors, judges, law and process.  Avoid the cheapest lawyer or the one who promises a result.  Set an appointment to speak with your lawyer about the details your case.

The single biggest mistake that people charged with DWI make is in thinking that one lawyer is the same as another. Each DWI case presents four main issues: the stop, the arrest, the test and the circumstances.  Each of these issues presents hundreds of sub-issues.  Daily experience is the only way that any lawyer can spot, evaluate, and develop a plan to exploit these complex and often hidden issues.

Also, it is always tempting to hire the cheapest attorney. I understand that temptation.  We all want to be careful about how we spend our money.

But know this: you get what you pay for. I get calls every single day from people who hired the cheapest lawyer. It never seems to go well. It is more difficult and more expensive to go back and try to fix problems caused by lawyers who fail to charge enough to handle your case correctly.

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