I was in a car accident where I hit my head.  I have headaches.  My wife says it has affected my mood.  What is going on?


We are learning more and more about Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs).  NFL players who have had concussions are having all kinds of problems.  The science, diagnostic procedures and treatment is improving daily.


Any time there is an impact to your head, you are at risk for a TBI.  Historically, many of these injuries go undiagnosed and cause problems that can last a lifetime.  Now, we all know to look for them.


TBIs can affect people in different ways.  They can affect your mood, sleep, vision and memory.  They can affect your relationships and your quality of life.  A TBI can affect you in other ways, as well.  These affects can be permanent.


In an injury case or claim, the important thing to remember is that these types of injuries must be properly diagnosed, documented and treated.  If they are not, it will diminish your claim and your prognosis.  Sometimes brain injuries are missed altogether by medical professionals who are looking for other more visible types of injuries.


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