What should I do if I think I may be arrested soon?

If you think you may be arrested, contact us as soon as possible.  We will make arrangements to see you immediately.  It is vital that you speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer quickly for several important reasons. 

Peaceful Surrender

First, we can plan and arrange a peaceful surrender on mutually agreeable terms.  This may avoid an embarrassing scene in public or at your home or workplace.  Law enforcement officers generally prefer this method because it eliminates common security risks.

Your Right to Remain Silent

Second, we can appear with you and avoid common mistakes people make during arrest.  Many people feel pressure to answer questions posed by law enforcement officers.  This is always a bad idea.  The officer may say, “I just want to get your side of the story.”  Your answers may be the most damning evidence in the case against you.  One of the most important rights you have under the constitution is the right to remain silent.  You should always discuss the matter thoroughly with your attorney before speaking with anyone else. 

Your Other Rights

Third, we can help you understand your other rights and know when to use them.  Will they ask to search your car?  Your home?  Will they ask you to submit to a polygraph? Can they do that? 


Fourth, we can appear with you before the magistrate.  The magistrate will answer several questions in determining an appropriate bond amount.  How serious are the charges?  What is the risk of your non-appearance?  Do you pose a danger to the community?  Besides your word, what evidence do you have to show that you will be there for court and that you present no danger to the community between arrest and trial?  We can appear with you and speak for you to the magistrate.  We may be able to help secure your pre-trial unsecured or lower bond amount.


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