What should I do if my son or daughter is charged with a crime?

A criminal conviction can affect your child in many different ways.  A conviction for a misdemeanor or a felony, will be on your child’s record forever.  Technological advances have made criminal record checks more economical and more common.  A conviction can affect your child’s freedom, reputation and career.  It can determine where he or she lives, works and goes to school.  A conviction can literally change the course of your child’s life.


You may be scared of the consequences.  You might be disappointed that they would risk their future.  You could be angry that they have ignored your explicit advice and instructions.  You can be all of these things, but you must be one other thing.  You must be proactive.


It is imperative that you get involved in this process.  You have changed diapers, help with homework, driven to soccer practice and helped them get this far.  You can help turn this difficult situation into a learning experience that can have a permanent and positive impact.


Your child will need a talented, experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated lawyer who is focused on achieving the best result for your child.


Did you know that there are services that rate lawyers?  Avvo.com is an independent service that evaluates lawyers based upon objective criteria.  Avvo.com rates lawyers based upon experience, industry recognition and professional conduct.  We recommend lawyers whose avvo.com rating is 9.0 or better (10.0 is the maximum rating). Our avvo.com rating is listed on the home page of this site.


Also, you may want to see what other clients say about the lawyer you are considering.  You can read client testimonials by clicking on the “Testimonials” bar at the top of the home page.


In addition, consider calling to speak with the attorney or setting up a consultation.  The consultation is free.  You will be better able to assess any professional by speaking to them.


Finally, you may want to do additional research before you select a lawyer for you child.  You may want to call for one of our free publications.  I recommend The Ten Commandments of Criminal Court.  I wrote this short, informative pamphlet so that people would know what to expect and how to act when the get to criminal court.  I would be happy to send you a copy.  Call (877) 593-4233 to get yours free.

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