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Choosing the Right North Carolina Family Law Attorney

Family law is a unique area of legal practice that focuses primarily on divorce and all that it entails, including child custody and support issues, alimony, and equitable distribution of assets. While the description may sound dry and formal, the fact is that family law deals with very personal and sensitive issues. Our families and our finances are two of the most important things in our lives.

Finding a Balance Between Fighter and a Negotiator

In a divorce, the parties involved are emotional. They are sometimes scared, angry or sad. These are all normal human emotions under difficult circumstances.

However, your attorney must be part of the solution; not part of the problem. Your attorney must help you to identify your objectives and then develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve them. Your attorney must remain focused on achieving these objectives even when the other parties involved behave unreasonably. Your attorney must rise above petty differences to focus on the issues that matter.

Because of this, a Wilmington divorce lawyer must be two things: a tough negotiator and a compassionate advocate. You will need a lawyer that will fight when it is necessary to fight. You will need a lawyer will also recognize when to work closely with the other party to reach an agreeable settlement. No matter how personal or tense divorce proceedings can get, a family law attorney must be able to bridge the divide between emotion and logic to achieve an outcome that is favorable for you and your children.

Keeping Up With the Times

As our culture changes, so too must our approach to the legal challenges of family law. Not long ago, mothers were usually favored in custody hearings. This seemed logical, as fathers were traditionally considered “breadwinners” instead of caretakers. Today’s mothers are capable of producing income. Today’s fathers are more involved in home and family life. Many times judges and lawyers with good intentions are the last to recognize these types of societal changes.

Your lawyer can show the extent of your involvement as a parent. Your lawyer can demonstrate your financial contributions. Your lawyer can tell your side of the story.

We use experience, relationships, creativity, diligence to advocate for your rights and to protect your assets and your relationships. As divorce lawyers and as advocates for parents’ rights, our firm has enjoyed helping mothers and fathers throughout North Carolina fight for asset protection and better access to their children.

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