Have You Been Arrested for DWI in New Hanover County? There Are Still Ways to Win Your Case

Let’s begin by recognizing that a charge of Driving While Impaired (DWI) in North Carolina is a criminal offense that the justice system treats very seriously. Even if the charges are for a misdemeanor first offense, a conviction establishes a permanent criminal record for the defendant. Repeated offenses are treated even more harshly. You simply cannot afford to ignore the potential damage a DWI charge may inflict on your future.

You have not been convicted yet

Fortunately, an accusation is not the same thing as being convicted of a crime. There are several lines of argument that can be used to contest the charges against you. However, you will need to rely on the skill of an experienced North Carolina drunk driving defense lawyer with the resources and motivation to investigate your case thoroughly. A perfunctory “let’s try this, it worked before” attitude on the part of your attorney is not going to get the job done. You need a lawyer who is dedicated to getting you the strongest defense possible by relying on the specifics of the case.

You need the Speaks Law Firm.

How a Wilmington criminal defense attorney can refute North Carolina DWI charges

At Speaks Law Firm, our Wilmington criminal defense lawyers know the arguments that can persuade juries to come back with a “not guilty” verdict—or get a prosecutor to negotiate charges downward, or drop them altogether. Depending on the circumstances of your case, we can argue:

  • The police never had reasonable suspicion to stop you. You were driving fine, and there was nothing wrong with your vehicle. If the police had no reason to stop you—or if they stopped you for an illegitimate reason, such as racial profiling—then anything they discovered after pulling you over may be excluded from the legal record.
  • The police had no probable cause for an arrest. You didn’t look or act intoxicated. You may have passed a field sobriety test, but the cop decided to detain you and test you for marijuana without any reason. Evidence obtained after an illegitimate arrest may be barred from consideration.
  • The arresting officer’s reliance on his experience and training to detain you is inherently doubtful. We’re not afraid to challenge a cop’s record. If we can show that a police officer’s judgment is questionable, that throws doubt on the entirety of the prosecution’s case.
  • The tests they performed on you are unreliable. Were blood and hair samples sent to labs run by the State Bureau of Investigation? We can show how disastrously those labs have been run. Did police rely on results from a breathalyzer? We can show a jury that the breathalyzers used in North Carolina give inaccurate results unless they are operated perfectly and have received regular maintenance—and we’re not afraid to demand proof that those requirements were met.

In short: if the police made any slip at all, then there is reasonable doubt created about your guilt. Where reasonable doubt exists, the prosecution withers.

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