How to Select the best Workers' Compensation Attorney

Workers' Compensation AttorneyWhat if I have Questions first?

Immediately after a work injury, you will have questions. Do I have to go to their doctor? Will I lose my job? Is my claim set up correctly? How do I make sure that I am protected? What if I am not able to go back to work? They say I can go back on "light duty". There is not such thing as light duty at my job. What should I do?

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Do I have a Claim?

The law in North Carolina requires businesses employing three or more employees to purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance.  Workers' Compensation Insurance is there to provide wage replacement and medical benefits for you if you are injuried on the job.  It does not matter who caused the injury.  If you were injured at work, you may be entitled to receive these benefits.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Maybe you need a lawyer. Maybe you don't. What you do need is reliable information. You can use that information to determine whether you need to have a lawyer.

What do Workers' Compensation Lawyers Do?

Workers' Compensation attorneys help injured people get the income and medical benefits they are owed.  Your employer wants you back on the job as soon as possible.  Your employer will be doing what is best for the company.  The medical professionals want to maintain their relationships with your employer.  Workers' Compensation attorneys help you deal with these issues in a way that is best for you and your family.  You do not have to pay us unless we recover money for you and then our fee comes out of that. It is important that you choose the right lawyer for you.

How Can I find the Best Workers' Compensation Lawyer to Call and Ask Questions?

Start your search for an injury lawyer quickly.1. Start immediately.  Start this process as soon after an accident as you are able.  It is important to have your attorney in place early in this process.  Many people make mistakes early in the Workers' Compensation claims process without even realizing it.  These mistakes can greatly reduce or eliminate entirely the value of your claim.

Select your jurisdiction2. Identify your jurisdiction.  Where did the accident take place?  The law relating to Workers' Compensation varies from state to state.  If your accident occurred in North Carolina, you will probably need a North Carolina lawyer.  However, sometimes the analysis is more complicated.  An experienced Workers Compensation attorney can help you determine exactly where your claim arises.

3. Identify your region.  It is best to use a lawyer who practices in the general area of the state where the accident took place because he will have more credibility with your employer, their lawyers, and the insurance adjuster.  In addition, he will have local knowledge that may be helpful to your claim.  Beware the lawyer that has offices in Wilmington and Charlotte.  How can one person maintain close relationships in areas that are so different and far apart.

Identify your region.4. Find the Workers' Compensation lawyers.  Identify the Workers' Compensation lawyers in your region of your jurisdiction.  Even criminal defense lawyers have a broad or general understanding of how Workers' Compensation law works.  They may even be able to settle your case, but “When?” and “For what amount?”

Workers' Compensation law grows more complex every year.  Comprehensive knowledge and experience is necessary to achieve a fair resolution to your Workers' Compensation claim.  You better believe the adjuster and the lawyers working for the insurance company know what they are doing.  This knowledge and experience cannot be gained from books.  It cannot be replaced by “bull dogging”, or “smooth talking”.  This knowledge and experience fundamentally necessary and are attained by working on these types cases every day for many years. 

Check their scores.5. Check their scores.  Perform an on-line search to identify a list of 3 Workers' Compensation lawyers in the right region of your jurisdiction.  Consider their experience, recognition and professional conduct to develop a short list of qualified injury lawyers.  Avvo, Super Lawyers, Top 100 or Best Lawyers are national independent research services that identify, evaluate and grade lawyers for each practice area.  The top lawyers will be identified or graded as such.  You can determine whether each lawyer has been identified as one of the best lawyers in the area of Injury and Workers' Compensation law by looking at his or her website or the website associated with each ranking service.

Read lawyer reviews.6. Read the reviews.  Perform additional on-line research to determine what former clients say about the lawyers or law firms you are considering.  Client testimonials or Reviews are a great source of information.  Even great lawyers can have a negative review.  It may not be authentic. It may be generated by a competitor.  However, if you look at all the reviews together you should get a good idea of how the lawyer’s previous clients feel about the services they received.

Consult with your attorney7. Consult with each attorney.  Call for a phone or face-to-face consultation.  The consultation should be free of charge and obligation. This process of setting it up should be easy.  If it is hard to reach the attorney before you hire him, imagine how difficult it will be after you do so.

Ask about attorney fees and costs during the initial consultation.  Workers' Compensation lawyers usually don’t charge for their services “up front”.  Instead, they charge a percentage of the amount recovered.  That is why they advertise, “No fee unless we win”.

This is almost always a good investment.  You are likely to recover substantially more with a Workers' Compensation attorney even after the fee is deducted than you would if you represented yourself.  In addition, your attorney can avoid common mistakes that cause even the most sophisticated people financial harm.  No responsible person should attempt to handle a workers' compensation claim without consulting with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer.

 Select your attorneyThe percentage charged by an attorney in Workers' Compensation cases is generally the same across the board.  The attorney fees are usually reviewed by the industrial commision at the conclusion of the case.Trials are sometimes necessary, but they can be risky and expensive.  If the case is set up correctly from the very beginning, you can minimize your risk of have to go to trial.

Beware of lawyer who tells you how “AGGRESSIVE!!!” he is.  Posturing by overly aggressive lawyers can result in an unnecessary trial.  Your case is likely to settle for maximum value if it is structured correctly from the very beginning and if it is advanced by a respectful and respectable advocate.

8. Select your attorney.  During the identification, research and consultation process, one lawyer or law firm should feel right.  It will feel right when the people with whom you will be working are experienced, knowledgeable and talented and when you feel like they are genuinely concerned for your best interests.

Focus on getting better.9. Focus on you.  After you have selected your attorney, your focus should be on getting better.  Your attorneys should gather records, research the legal issues and communicate with the insurance adjuster.  In addition, your attorney should communicate with you to make sure you are getting the medical treatment and income replacement that you are due.  You should listen to your body and do what you need to do to get better.

10.  Communicate with you attorneys.  Communicate with your lawyers especially as you approach the conclusion of your medical treatment.  Insurance adjusters are often looking for specific information.  Your lawyers may want you to ask your doctors to include specific information in your medical records.  It will be faster and less expensive if your doctors will include it the records than it would be to go back later ask for this information in a deposition or a hearing.

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Speaks Law FirmFollowing these steps is the best way to find the right Workers' Compensation Attorney for you. The Speaks Law Firm has extensive experience and a national reputation for vigorously representing injured workers all over North Carolina.  We are comprised of outstanding legal professionals who care deeply for our clients.

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