The Most Important Decisions Defendants Make

There are four primary decisions every person charged with a crime has the right to make. These decisions are critical to the outcome of your case. These decisions are so important that no one can make them for you.

You don't have to face criminal charges without a lawyer.1.  You have a right to an attorney.  You do not have a right to any attorney you choose. Your particular attorney will be influenced by your financial resources.

2.  You have the right to decide whether you are going to plead guilty or not guilty (and force the state or federal government to prove the case against you).

3.  If you force the state or federal government to trial, you have the right to choose whether you want to testify or not.

4.  You have the right to appeal the verdict or decision in your case.

If you have been charged with a crime, you have certain constitutional rights.Each of these decisions is critical. Your decision on whether to try or plead your case requires additional explanation. No one can force you to plead guilty. You may have a right to a jury trial. You should carefully consider your lawyer’s opinion. Does he or she think you can win at trial? If your lawyer believes you will lose at trial, why does he or she believe that? It is reasonable for you to ask questions. It is imperative that you listen to the answers. If you are found “guilty” after a jury trial, you may face a more severe penalties than you would if you had pled guilty.

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