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Are You Sure a North Carolina Divorce Is in Your Best Interest?

At Speaks Law Firm, our first obligation is to do what is best for the client. Even though we are divorce attorneys in Wilmington, it’s not always the case that a divorce is the best option for our client. In fact, in most cases, we ask the client to rethink her position and consider other options short of divorce that may provide better solutions.

After all, a divorce rips apart a family—even if the family consists of two people. If there are children involved, even adult children, then it is even more essential you look at what other alternatives that may preserve the family unit in a healthy manner.

Does that mean you need to remain in an intolerable marriage for the sake of the children? Certainly not. As we have noted elsewhere, it’s time for ending a marriage in North Carolina if there is no reasonable hope for reviving a loving relationship. But if there is an ember that could flare up again, you owe it to your whole family to explore that possibility.

Things Worth Trying Instead of Divorce

Here are four alternatives to consider before leaping forward to file a lawsuit for divorce in New Hanover County:

  • Do a cost-benefit analysis. Either alone or with your spouse, weigh the relative merits of the things that will likely improve—and the good things that would have to be sacrificed—after a divorce. It’s not just about the division of money and property, but also the emotional toll that will follow after your marriage ends. Do the benefits significantly outweigh the disadvantages for each partner? The closer you are to a positive balance, the more incentive there should be to preserve your marriage.
  • Communicate with your spouse. Sit down and talk things over. If you have enough common ground left between you to plan a no-fault divorce in a cooperative manner, then you certainly should be able to talk about the issues which divide you. Resolve as many of those as you can. If it turns out you cannot clear up the entire list, then you have probably made some significant strides toward settling issues such as division of marital property that will have to be discussed in a divorce anyway.
  • Try counseling. Sometimes the perspective of an independent marriage counselor can point out details of your relationship that you and your spouse overlook. We believe that counseling always has some value. It may be enough to save your marriage by revealing that your problems are only temporary.
  • See if mediation and negotiation help. A neutral mediator can be assigned to help you settle issues such as child support and custody prior to your divorce. If that’s not possible, then negotiation through each party’s North Carolina divorce attorneys should work toward settling all issues before your day in court. Some clients find, in the course of making these hard choices, that they just don’t want to split up after all.

The Help you Need

Speaks Law is a family law firm in Wilmington that looks to all the interests of our client. When you hire us, you hire a team committed to serving you with our deep experience and insight. We never forget that you’re in control of your own case, but we also make sure you understand all your options each step of the way.

If your marriage is in trouble, give us a call today at 910-341-7570 or toll-free at 877-593-4233. We can talk with you about your legal options, and also about the alternatives that might preserve your marriage and keep you out of court.