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On average, every two hours a pedestrian is killed by a motor vehicle in the United States.

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 50,000 pedestrians are injured in a typical year in U.S. traffic crashes. When two automobiles collide, the occupants have some protection from injury thanks to seat belts, air bags, and the metal and plastic shells of the cars. Pedestrians have no such protection, making any collision between a motor vehicle and a person on foot extremely serious.

Where Car Accidents Often Occur

Studies show that some situations and locales pose a greater risk to pedestrians. Both drivers and pedestrians should exercise greater caution in these areas to avoid the tragedy of a North Carolina pedestrian accident:

  • School zones
  • Near playgrounds and parks in residential areas
  • Bus stops
  • Parking lots
  • Rural areas without sidewalks
  • Road construction and road repair zones
  • Sewer maintenance sites
  • Intersections where drivers are known to ignore stop signs, yield signs, or stop lights

What To Do When a Pedestrian Accident Occurs

Even at speeds under 10 miles per hour, a car collision with a pedestrian can inflict disabling injuries. Whether you are a witness or the driver of a vehicle involved in a collision, your first reactions will be surprise and shock. Recover as quickly as possible and take these steps:

  • Keep any injured victims safe. Do not move a victim unless necessary to save his life. If it’s necessary to move someone, work cooperatively with others and move the person by lifting on clothing rather than pulling limbs, if possible. Check for pulse, breathing, and heartbeat, and if necessary—and if someone in the area is trained to do so—administer CPR. Don’t attempt to give any other medical treatment.
  • Summon help. Call emergency services: police and medical care. If you believe you might face legal charges from the incident (for example, if you were driving after drinking alcohol), then you may also wish to call a criminal defense attorney. When the police arrive, respond to their questions honestly.
  • Gather contact information with the victim and any witnesses. If the victim is conscious and responsive, write down his name, address, telephone number, and insurance provider. Give him your similar information. Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses of the event. Do not engage in any other conversation with the victim or witnesses.

Consulting a Car Accident Lawyer

Be aware that the driver is not always at fault for a pedestrian traffic injury. Only a trained investigator can determine legal responsibility. Even a police report cannot be trusted to answer this question, because that report is intended to determine the physical cause of an accident, not necessarily the legal liability.

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