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Nobody thinks much about a household fire until the day it happens.

Many people who live in rented apartments and houses near Wilmington share a false sense of security about fire risks. They assume—sometimes falsely—that the landlord is on top of all hazards. They trust the smoke detector in the common hallway to alert them to any danger, never thinking that the detector itself may be defective. They only realize their error at 3:00 a.m. some Friday night as they huddle under fire rescue blankets, watching a raging inferno consume all their possessions.

The Wilmington premises liability attorneys at the Speaks Law Firm want to make sure that never happens to you. If you rent a home or apartment in Wilmington or the surrounding North Carolina communities, you owe it to yourself and your family to seek a recovery for your losses after a fire.

The Losses You Have Suffered

It’s relatively easy for a layperson to identify some of the losses you may have suffered as a result of a fire. Medical expenses are an obvious example, whether it be the cost of ER care to help your child recover from smoke inhalation or the vastly larger expense of skin grafts and debridement surgery.

A North Carolina personal injury law firm can help you recognize other categories of loss that you may have overlooked. You may have a valid claim for compensation from insurance or another person for any of these:

  • Lost wages and time from work due to medical incapacity
  • Long-term disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Damaged or destroyed personal property
  • Loss of the use of your apartment, and hardship expenses for lodging and food while your home is uninhabitable
  • Loss of life

Identifying the Responsible Party

You can trust Speaks Law Firm to undertake a thorough investigation of your fire incident to identify who was responsible. Our Wilmington personal injury attorneys don’t just stop at the fire marshal’s report. We know that many people can be at fault for North Carolina home and apartment fires, including:

  • Your landlord or owner of the rental property
  • The builder of the house, or any subcontractor dealing with gas, hot water, or electrical systems
  • The company that made flammable furniture, clothing, draperies, or carpeting
  • The manufacturer, retailer, or installer of a defective stove, refrigerator, drier, furnace, or air conditioner
  • The manufacturer, retailer, installer, or maintenance company of faulty fire alarms, sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, extinguishers, or fire hoses
  • The tenants in another rental unit where the fire began

Why Speaks Law Firm?

At Speaks Law Firm, every client is our most important client. Whether you are a visitor to North Carolina or a long-term resident, you will find we give you compassionate care and a robust commitment to your best interests. We have a lengthy record of experience and success in recovering settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of our clients.

If you or a member of your family has been injured in a fire on someone else’s property, call us today at 877-593-4233 to schedule a free consultation on your case. At that conference, our Wilmington personal injury attorneys will outline what we can do to get the recovery you deserve. You will not find a stronger advocate for your rights anywhere in the state of North Carolina.