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Injury Lawyers in Hampstead, North CarolinaInjuries cause all kinds of problems. We solve those problems. You focus on your medical recovery. We focus on your financial recovery. We can help you avoid mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars at the hands of insurance adjusters who work for the insurance company; not for you. We can help you recover a full and fair settlement for your medical bills, lost wages, future medical expenses, permanent impairment, and pain and suffering. We can help solve the financial problems that injuries produce.


Criminal Attorney in Wilmington, NCCriminal charges cause all kinds of problems. We solve those problems. We can help you with cooperative surrender, bond, bond reduction hearings, initial appearances, discovery analysis, suppression motions, plea negotiations, pleas, trials, appeals and more. We have a long history of proven results helping people just like you through every phase of the criminal process from pre-arrest investigation through post-conviction hearings and expunctions. We can help solve the problems that criminal charges produce.

Considering Divorce?

Divorce attorney in Wilmington NCDivorce causes all kinds of problems. We solve those problems. We can help you protect your assets and your access to what matters most-your children. First, we help you prepare and plan. Then we find every inch of common ground we can with your former spouse. We will agree on all we can in order to reduce the emotional and financial impact going forward. We have helped people just like you who are going through divorce. We can help solve the problems that divorce produces.

Involved in a business dispute or real estate litigation?

At one time or another, each of us will be involved in some type of civil dispute. It may involve a bad real estate deal or an unfulfilled commercial contract. When disputes arise, it is important to develop an effective strategy from the start. We can help you plan to avoid these disputes, negotiate to resolve them quickly, or litigate when there is no alternative. We help individuals and businesses develop comprehensive, economical and practical solutions to complex civil disputes.

Deficiency Action and Bank Litigation

Recently, we have seen a lot of litigation involving banks.  Bank litigation is common when there has been a sudden drop in the value of real estate.  When the value of an asset drops and the debt remains constant, a dispute will often result.

 The most common type of bank litigation in this real estate market is a deficiency action.  A deficiency action arises when an individual has barrowed money to purchase real estate and then is unable or unwilling to pay back the loan.  The bank then forecloses on the property and then sues the barrower for the difference between what was barrowed and what was recovered for the property after foreclosure.  These lawsuits sometimes arise after a short-sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

Usually, we represent the barrower in these situations. The barrower is usually under a great deal of stress.  He or she has always paid debts.  He or she has never been behind on a mortgage or loan repayment but does not have another option based upon the realities of the real estate market and their own personal finances.  They have tried to get help from the banks and found that the banks just want another payment.

These people should contact us immediately and without further delay.  We can give them information, share our experiences, and help them understand best and worst case resolutions for these complex financial problems.  Whether you are a developer with hundreds of properties or an individual with under-water investment property we can help you put together a strategy that will address these liabilities without unnecessary harm to your financial future.



Auto Injury AttorneyAuto Injury Attorney

Auto Injury Lawyers at Speaks Law Firm provide free information, are available 24/7 and there is no obligation.  Just call (910) 341-7570 or chat [bottom left].

Divorce AttorneyDivorce Attorney

Divorce attorneys protect your rights, assets and access to your children.  We can provide immediate, experienced, aggressive and strategic assistance and help you protect what matters most.  Call or click to set up a consultation with an experienced, professional and effective divorce lawyer today.

Workers Compensation AttorneyWorkers Compensation Attorney

Workers compensation lawyers at Speaks Law Firm are experienced, professional and effective.  We can help you get the medical treatment, benefits and settlement that you deserve.  Call now for a free consultation.  We can answer many of your workers compensation questions quickly over the phone. We provide free information. You can call 24/7. There is no obligation.

Personal Injury AttorneyPersonal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in auto, workplace or other accident, we are available to answer your questions.  We are nationally recognized for our experience, professionalism and results.  We help people who have been in accidents recover fair compensation. Call today with questions about the process in general or your claim in particular.