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We can answer questions, maximize your settlement, help you find the right doctors, protect your rights, eliminate stress and help you recover fair compensation. In addition, our car accident lawyers will answer your questions free. You can call, chat or fill out the form on this page 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Injured in a Car Accident? 4 Expensive Mistakes

1.  Not Knowing You have a Claim.

If you are involved in an car or other accident, you are in the right place. You may have a car accident claim. Answer these questions to find for sure.

     A.     Was the accident caused by someone other than you?

     B.     Were you injured in the accident?*

*You do not have to have broken bones to be injured. If you are sore, stiff and in pain, you may have a soft tissue injury. Soft tissue injuries include damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons and other connective tissue. If you are sore and stiff after an accident, you may want to have a medical exam to make sure you don't have a serious injury. We can help you find the right doctor even if you do not have medical insurance.

There are hundreds of other questions that may come up, but these are the first two. If someone else caused the accident and you were injured, then you should call (910) 341-7570 now to discuss your claim or to request your copy of The North Carolina Auto Injury Book by Clarke Speaks at Speaks Law Firm. This information will help you avoid common and expensive mistakes. The call is free. There is no obligation. 

2. Misunderstanding the Insurance Adjuster's role?

Insurance adjuster examining a silver vehicle following a car accident.Speaking to the insurance adjuster without talking to us first can be dangerous. Every day we see people who have made this same mistake. "I didn't do anything wrong," they think. "I have nothing to hide."

The insurance adjuster may say, “You can resolve your accident claim with me directly. You don't need an attorney. We have accepted liability. We are going to pay." Or, he may say, "I just need some information for my file". He may say, "I just need to get a recorded statement."

Are there some things that he is not telling you?  Does she have information that you do not have? Does he know things that you don't know?  If he agrees now to pay the claim, asking one question will tell you all you need to know: "How much?" That is where it gets tricky. 

How much are your bills? Did you miss work? What about pain and suffering, future medical expenses and permanent impairment? Are there liens against the money they pay? What are you legal obligations with respect to liens? What about taxes? Is any money you receive taxed?

3.  Not Knowing How Much They Should Pay for your Claim?

Of course they are going to pay something. It was their driver's fault.  The question is how much?  How much should the insurance company pay you for your injuries after an auto accident where their driver was totally at fault?  What are they required to pay under the law?  What is fair? 

4.  Not Getting Reliable Information from an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer about Your Car Accident Claim?  

The adjuster may be right. Maybe you do NOT need a lawyer?  Maybe you do need an attorney. Maybe you don't know just yet. But shouldn’t you know your rights and risks before speaking with someone who may record everything you say?  Call (910) 341-7570 or (877) 593-4233 to find out what to say and what NOT to say regarding your claim. 

Also, you can request your copy of the book I wrote for people injured in auto accidents in North Carolina. This is the same advice I give my clients. It is comprehensive and explains the claims process from beginning to end. The North Carolina Auto Injury Book is available at Amazon.com or get yours FREE (Valued at $16.95) if you download it now by clicking on the Free Offer tab (right). You can also chat (top or bottom left) or simply call (910) 341-7570 or (877) 593-4233 to speak with an attorney now.

The information above is prepared for accident victims by the attorneys at Speaks Law Firm. This site is full of information about the law, the participants, and the process of auto accident claims. In addition, you will find specific information about our firm and what we can do to help you with property damage, medical referrals, car rental and your injury claim. We have tried to answer frequently asked questions, but you may have another question. You are welcome to look for it here or you can call us now at (910) 341-7570 and ask. The consultation is free. There is no obligation.

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