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Accident Lawyers for Serious Injuries

If you have been seriously injured in an auto, truck or motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

The keys to a successful injury claim:

Serious Injury LawyersYour injuries must be properly

  •                 Diagnosed
  •                 Documented, and
  •                 Treated

at an early stage of the claims process.

Should I call now or wait until I have more information?

You should call us now.  In speaking with the insurance adjuster about seemingly unimportant things, people don’t even realize the mistakes they are making.  The mistakes they make in the hours or days after an accident can have a very negative effect on the outcome of their claim.

Call for a consultation.  The consultation is free.  There is no obligation.  We can give you information that will help you avoid these early mistakes.

How important is it that I call early in my case?

It is so important that we offer a discount when you call early in the case.  When you call early we will avoid these types of mistakes.  That will save us time, energy and resources.  As a result, we can secure fair compensation for your injuries more quickly and efficiently and you can save money.

Do I need a lawyer or can I handle this myself?

Using an experienced personal injury law firm will generally result in a substantially greater settlement for your claim.  We can also usually reach a settlement more quickly than you could by yourself.

How can you recover greater compensation than I could on my own?

documentation is key in serious injury casesWe have done this every day for years.  We have handled thousands of cases.  We know what to do and what not to do.

For example, we secure medical opinions that add value to your claim.  We prepare settlement documentation that correlates with the insurance company’s valuation model.  We anticipate what the adjuster will need in order to pay you fair compensation.  We provide it before he ever asks for it.  We minimize expenses that arise from medical providers and insurance companies.  The result of this approach is more money in your pocket at the end of the claims process with no post-settlement surprise liabilities.

What is the risk of handling the claim myself or using my friend who is a traffic lawyer to handle my case?

Handling these types claims your self or using an inexperienced or ineffective lawyer can result in inadequate compensation, unpaid medical expenses and personal liability after the claim’s conclusion from medical providers and insurance companies.  Like everything else, the process has grown more complex over time.  Our daily activity and experience is vital to our ability to recover fair compensation for our clients.

What are the types of losses for which I can recover after a serious injury?

After an accident that produces a serious personal injury, you are legally eligible to recover for:

                Past Medical Expenses,

                Future Medical Expenses,

                Lost Wages,

                Lost Earning Potential,

                Total or Partial Loss of Use of a Part of Your Body,

                Pain and Suffering,

                Mental Anguish, and

                Loss of Companionship.

Who is responsible for paying after a serious personal injury?

The law places the cost of accidents and injuries on those who case them.  It is only fair.  If I am playing ball with my son, and I throw the ball through my neighbor’s window, I should pay for the damage.  It is the same with injury claims.  It was an accident.  The responsible person may not have to go to jail, but they must pay for the damage that they caused.

Most people do not have the money to pay for the damage that they cause.  The law requires us to purchase insurance in case we do cause an accident.  We will examine the facts and policies closely to identify all possible sources of recovery.  This is particularly important in a case involving serious injury.

call for more informationWhat is my next step if I want more information?

You can call, email contact or chat for quick answers to your questions.

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