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If you have been involved in a truck accident, you probably have questions. You may have questions about the collision report, the trucking company, your medical treatment, the insurance company or your claim. We can answer your questions. You will be making important decisions. It will be important to make those decisions based upon reliable information.

The truck accident lawyers at Speaks Law Firm know the laws governing the trucking industry because we deal with them daily. We know accident law, traffic law, insurance law and criminal law. We know the people and the processes involved in these types of claims. We know the steps to take now to set your claim up correctly. We know how to avoid the mistakes that reduce or eliminate the value of the claim.

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Steps to a Successful Settlement

Animated stock photo of black and white footsteps. The goal of every truck accident injury claim is to obtain a full and fair settlement.  In addition, to injuries and medical problems, truck accidents cause economic challenges, as well. Our job is to address the economic impact of truck accidents.  

1. Know the Basics of an Truck Accident Claim


Stock photo of a driver looking in the rear view mirror and seeing a large 18-wheeler in close proximity.In order to have a successful truck accident claim, we have to show it was "the other guys fault". In an ordinary car accident, that might mean the other driver made an unsafe movement. In a truck accident, the analysis requires more careful analysis.

Several additional factors may be used to prove liability. Driver fatigue, exceeding time limits, failing to have the proper certifications, driving a truck that is not in proper working order.


The law requires those who cause accidents to pay for the losses that result. Medical bills, lost income, permanent impairment, and pain and suffering are examples of loss. All of the loss amounts together are the damages in a particular accident claim. The loss amounts are often greater in truck accidents because of the size of the trucks and the magnitude of the impact. While the average vehicle on our state highways weighs less than 5,000 pounds, tractor-trailer trucks can weigh upwards of 60- 70- or even 80-thousand pounds.  

Insurance Coverage

Insurance agent asking an individual to sign insurance documents.In order to have a successful truck accident claim, the trucking company must have insurance or assets. Most of the time this is not an issue in commercial trucking accident cases. In fact, often the law requires trucking companies to carry more insurance because the loss amounts are often greater.

2.  Understand the Insurance Company's Objective

Stock photo of an insurance agent holding his hands over a piggy bank.Like all businesses, insurance companies exist to money. Insurance companies accomplish this by maximizing profit. They maximize profit by collecting lots of premiums and paying little expense. Your claim is an expense. They want to pay as little as possible. Insurance companies and their employees, the adjusters, make more profit by paying you less money. That is their sole objective through the claims process.


3.  Avoid Common Mistakes

Caution Sign Stock PhotoMany people often make mistakes in trucking claims. The most common mistake is speaking to an insurance adjuster or accepting a settlement from the trucker’s insurance company immediately after their accident. his is a mistake. 

You would not speak to a detective who was investigating you for a crime without first speaking to an attorney. Ask yourself, "Why are they asking me details of a wreck when they have a detailed report prepared by a professional in their possession?" They are looking for information that can help them avoid paying you or pay you less.

4. Start Early

Knowing who to call can be difficult. It is important to start early in truck accident cases. If you wait, evidence can be lost. Memories fade. Witnesses can move or change phone numbers. Equipment can be repaired or destroyed. Videos can be taped over. Documents and records can be misplaced.

Investigation is an essential part of every truck accident claim. After we answer your questions, we gather and review the investigative materials. We make sure that the accident was accurately and completely documented. We help you get you the medical treatment you need even if you do not have medical insurance. We properly document your claim by gathering police reports, witness statements, photographs, medical records and medical bills. We perform the legal research, loss analysis and demand calculations necessary to pursue your claim. We present this documentation to the insurance company. 

Our track record of success helps us a every stage of this process. During this process, we listen to understand your priorities in order to obtain the best possible outcome.  This comprehensive approach is a time-tested and proven method of producing successful truck accident injury claim resolutions.

5. Take the Next Step

We can help you determine the value of your claim. Our job is to maximize the money you recover for your injuries. We know the fair settlement value of these kinds of cases and know what needs to be done to recover it. 

First, we want to answer your questions so that you can have reliable information. With reliable information, you can make good decisions. Call (910) 341-7570, CHAT, or fill out the form on this page to take the next towards achieving a successful settlement for truck accident claim.

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A Word of Caution

Proceed with caution when a lawyer brags about how aggressive he or she is. Every lawyer involved in these types of claims is aggressive. Successful claims are based upon thorough documentation, precise legal analysis, meticulous preparation and relentless advocacy. The opposing lawyers are smart, experienced. An overly aggressive lawyer can "bulldog" you into a risky, unnecessary and expensive trial. In addition, look out for lawyers who promise a particular result. It is illegal and unethical to do that. 

Still, not sure if you should call? Take a look at this article, "How to Select the Right Truck Accident Lawyer". It contains a step by step approach that will help you make informed decisions.

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