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Serious InjuryFalls, Fires and Other Injuries

Many times personal injury cases involve automobile accidents in which people suffered injuries.  We represent those people every day. We help them recover money. If you want information about auto accidents, click here.

Sometimes, however, people are injured in ways that do not involve cars or trucks.  Personal injury law is applicable any time a person is injured because another person was careless.  For example, when a person maintains an office building, commercial building, apartment building, rental house or parking lot in an unsafe condition that results in injury to another person, the injured person may be entitled to fair compensation from the land owner's insurance company. Sometimes these injuries are very serious.  Serious injuries present different challenges for your attorney.  Your attorney must have experience in cases involving serious injury.

What Should I do if I was injured in a Fire?

After a fire, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and local fire department will usually perform comprehensive investigations and prepare a detailed report.  These reports contain important information that will influence whether or not the property owner will be required to pay for the damages of the injured person.  If you or someone you love is injured in a hotel fire, apartment, or rental house, you should immediately contact the Speaks Law Firm in order to make sure that critical evidence is preserved before the site of the fire is restored and essential evidence is destroyed forever.

Dangerous Conditions and Failure to Warn

In North Carolina, we are fortunate to live in a beautiful place with wonderful amenities including the University of North Carolina Schools, other universities, colleges and travel destinations.  Many people rent housing while they are here for work, school or vacation.  Many others visit our local businesses to shop, dine, play or relax.  When an injury occurs because of a dangerous condition or a failure to warn on the part of a landowner or his employee, liability follows.


Finding the Right Lawyer

The premises liability insurance company of the responsible party will work hard to avoid paying any possible claims just like their counterparts in the auto insurance world.  You will need to find the right lawyer in order to identify your claim, prepare your claim, present your claim, secure a fair settlement, and satisfy any medical or other liens that may exist.  We have been very successful in handling these types of complex cases all over North Carolina and can help you recover the fair settlement that you deserve.

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If you are a resident of or visitor North Carolina, and have been injured on premises that you do not own, act quickly to determine liability. The Wilmington personal injury attorneys at Speaks Law Firm can help you determine if you have a case. Call 910.341.7570 today for a free consultation.

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