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When a Family Member Dies in a North Carolina Premises Fire

Household fires are appallingly common in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides hard numbers: in recent years, someone in the United States died in a fire every 169 minutes on average, and around 85 percent of all U.S. fire deaths occurred in homes.

The death of a family member in a North Carolina premises fire can be a sudden, catastrophic shock. Regardless of the deceased person’s role in the household—breadwinner, oldest son, homemaker, infant daughter—there is now a gaping void in the family. Every conversation and interaction between the remaining family members is shadowed by the absence of the person who is no longer there.

After the funeral, you may think it’s going to be hard to carry on your life as before. In fact, that is exactly what many people do: they cling to their old routines as much as possible, going through their daily schedules of work or school in a mechanical fashion. It’s their inner, emotional lives that are chaotic and shredded with grief.

Grieving and the Emotional Recovery Process

Sticking with your routine seems like the safe course, as it can be comforting to have something stable and unchanged from the time before your loss. This is a time when it is particularly challenging to undertake new ventures and to think in new ways.

That’s precisely what we’re going to ask you to do.

Taking legal action right now is probably something you never considered. You worry that it would dredge up all your sorrow again, and that it would shake up your routine in unpredictable ways. And to what purpose? Your lost family member is never going to come back. What purpose can possibly be gained, other than taking advantage of the situation in order to take someone else’s money?

As Wilmington personal injury lawyers, we understand that filing a North Carolina wrongful death lawsuit would be disruptive for you. We believe, though, that ultimately this disruption will be good for you. Nobody can tell you how you will best grieve and recover. For many of our clients, however, seeing a lawsuit through to get a financial settlement has been an important part of their own healing process. Like those clients, someday you may find it helpful to know that the person responsible for the fatal North Carolina fire that took your relative was held to account for his or her actions.

Negligence and Fatal Fires

Some fires are completely foreseeable and preventable. When someone doesn’t take the prudent care we would reasonably expect in dealing with potential fire hazards, that person is considered negligent. Negligence means responsibility for all injuries that follow from those bad decisions. If those injuries are fatal, then a wrongful death lawsuit in North Carolina may recover compensation for the family left behind. This is not profiting from a tragedy. Rather, it is recovery—as best the legal system can arrange—for the holes your missing family member leaves in your lives.

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