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Choosing the Right North Carolina Auto Accident Lawyer

There’s no such thing as the best lawyer in North Carolina for car accidents or truck accidents.

It isn’t even clear what would go into making that decision: the total number of cases won? The greatest total of money obtained for clients in settlements? The guy whose clients are happiest with the results? A lot of attorneys in our state are very skilled. No matter what is chosen, it wouldn’t be fair to some other lawyers who have equally plausible claims to the title, “the best.”

That’s why you’ll never find a North Carolina auto accident lawyer who says he’s the best.

What you can find—with a little bit of work—is a lawyer who might be the best fit for you: someone who can give advice you can trust but who still keeps in mind that you are the person in control.

Finding the Wrong Attorney for your Case

If you have been a victim of a Wilmington traffic collision that was caused by another person, you’ve probably found that your concerns are more focused on recovering from your injuries than hunting for an attorney. That’s altogether reasonable. Eventually, though, the bills begin to pile up—and you realize you don’t have the income to cover them. Suddenly, getting the compensation you deserve through a North Carolina personal injury lawsuit has a higher claim on your attention.

Under those circumstances, you’re likely to make one of two mistakes:

  • You hire the first lawyer whose television ad catches your attention.
  • You hire the lawyer a friend or family member used.

We say these are mistakes because you don’t always know what you’re getting. An attorney who blankets television with hundreds of advertisements might well have associates and legal aides do most of the day-to-day work on clients’ cases. Your friend may have hired a great attorney for his property dispute with a neighbor, but that doesn’t mean the lawyer is well versed in handling North Carolina auto accident injury cases.

Hiring the Right Attorney for your Case

In order to find an attorney you can trust, you have to dig a little deeper. Many law firms try to dazzle you with their credentials: the number of cases won, the law schools their attorneys attended, or the number of years they have practiced. Those factors should weigh in your decision, but to really find the right lawyer, you need consider the following questions:

  • Does this lawyer have extensive experience in legal cases like mine? An attorney who spends a lot of time dealing with medical malpractice cases might not be the best choice for a motorcycle accident lawsuit.
  • What do former clients think of this attorney? Don’t read just the testimonials the lawyer posts on his website. Search online to see if clients have posted comments on message boards or consumer rating sites.
  • Does this law firm guarantee that an attorney will do the majority of work on my case? You may have concerns if a law firm regularly turns case preparation over to interns or legal assistants.
  • Can I communicate effectively with this lawyer? You will want to have a telephone conversation or meet with your potential attorney. Almost every law firm offers a free initial consultation to meet with a lawyer. This is your chance to assess him in person, with no obligation to hire him if your personalities clash.

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