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Consider how you would feel if a fatal North Carolina traffic accident killed a close relative.

You would be stunned. You never had a chance to say a proper good-bye, and now that opportunity has been closed forever. The natural reaction is denial: this tragedy is so shocking that you cannot integrate it into your life. You turn away from thinking about it.

Perhaps the idea of hiring a Wilmington truck accident lawyer sounds outrageous or offensive to you. You certainly don’t want to relive the pain caused by your relative’s recent passing. Doesn’t that make you some sort of vulture, profiting at the expense of the dead?

While we recognize that such a reaction is common, we think it’s misplaced. You’re letting your natural unhappiness over the death keep you from realizing that a lawsuit would be a highly moral response to a fatal truck accident in New Hanover County. Give us two minutes to explain.

No, you are not Profiting at the Expense of the Dead

A death caused by truck driver negligence in a North Carolina motor vehicle accident can impose substantial costs on the family left behind. At the crudest level, there is the loss of household income if the person was the family breadwinner, or the loss of economic value of a housekeeper and cook if the person was a stay-at-home parent. There are the expenses of a funeral and burial or cremation. And, perhaps the most devastating, there are non-economic losses of the accident victim’s role as spouse, parent, child, comforter, and a confidant to other family members.

That’s what makes this a wrongful death lawsuit: this accidental death has inflicted harm on the family, and the family is entitled to compensation. Your loved one’s unexpected passing has caused hardship and emotional suffering to the family. Unfortunately, the only form of compensation our justice system can provide is money—money to represent the direct economic losses that follow from the death, and whatever cash value the jury decides is appropriate for non-economic losses.

You become an Agent of Justice

People who never had reason to take someone else to court forget that civil lawsuits aren’t just about money; they’re about justice. Pursuing a lawsuit against a negligent North Carolina truck driver allows you to ask society to hold people responsible when they hurt someone. You deserve—at a minimum—for the person at fault to look you in the eye and sincerely say, “I’m sorry.” The North Carolina civil justice system exists to compel this sort of apology.

Call us if you had a Family Member wrongfully die in a Wilmington Truck Accident

When a family member dies in a truck crash due to someone else’s negligence, your family is entitled to compensation for the horrible loss it has suffered. The person responsible owes you for the value—economic and emotional—that your deceased family member contributed.

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